Hi, new to posting on here

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Hi, new to posting on here

Hi everyone,
This is my first time posting on this forum although i have been browsing for a couple months now. I have tried many times by myself to get sober and have only managed three weeks at most before relapsing again. I saw my gp on friday and have managed to remain sober and start again today. I am going to go to an aa meeting tonight and after recieving some good advice from somone who has been through this i really hope this will work for me in the long term. Anyway, i hope to post on here alot as reading other peoples posts has helped me over the last weeks.

Many thanks, best of luck everyone.
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Hi Kath. I'm from the UK too and I remember 3 weeks would be the absolute maximum that I could go before getting wrecked again. I would be gagging to get wrecked as I would be feeling so terrible and saw it as my only restbite and chance to escape for a while and not have to think. Also I would convinve myself that it was unfair to deprive myself of something I loved so much.

I have 17+ months sober now thanks to AA, SR and much wisdom from elsewhere. I hope you get something from the meeting and remember that the people there really do mean well. I was beaten and I'd had enough and wanted sobriety more than I wanted to get mashed up.

All The best, Peace.
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Best advice I can give is to read everything. I find that by spending hours on this site, I stumble across something that makes sense all the time. Best place for an alcoholic, is with other alcoholics. Provided they are working on sobriety haha
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So far the best advice I can give is to read and post, like said above. Hang in there, we can all do it with each other and for ourselves.
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Welcome to SR!
I also tried to quit on my own successfully many times. When I entered a program of recovery (AA) and worked the steps I stayed sober. Since you are going to a meeting tonight make sure to let them know you are a newcomer. In my locale they make sure you get hooked up with phone numbers of other sober people and literature. Getting a sponsor early on is a very good idea.
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Welcome Kath24, Sounds like you have a good plan in place. You'll find a wealth of information here. Read away. Helped me so much. Best Wishes To You!

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Welcome to our recovery family! I hope you'll be able to stay sober this time. Living sober really rocks!
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Welcome to SR kath24 - you'll find a lot of support here.

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Welcome, Kath!
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Hi Kath

You are working in the right direction. Keep coming back and posting/reading.
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