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Way to go Alien, Hope your Monday is turning out clear and free.
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Cultivating Sobriety
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Doing well slipperyknot, hope you are doing the same It was odd today, feeling this good on a Monday. I did get a tang of drabieness (is that a word?) thinking of the long run of sobriety, but I reassure myself that the alternate is way worse. I know this is the point where I will just have to look at the good things of sobriety, don't over analyze (I am bad at doing that also), and don't think things like "I will never have fun again". I been through this addiction too long, and wanted to quit for too long to sway my decision.

We can do this
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Good for you for staying sober! At four days you should be thru with most of the physical withdrawal, tho it can still be a 'bumpy ride' for a while as your body and brain adjust to normal functioning again. Be good to yourself; lots of fluids, good easy food, maybe vitamins, and exercise you can tolerate.

When I used to get cravings I'd ask myself two questions: one; would drinking make the situation better? and two; did did I really want to feel like sh!t the next day? I never had to ask myself the second question... and now, at a year, rarely get cravings and the few I do get are easy to dismiss.

So glad you've joined our recovery family.
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Congrats on getting through the weekend. That's major! The first week or two (or maybe even three), the world seemed strange (sometimes even a little scary/depressing). But little by little I found new strength in spite of myself. The insomnia gradually disappeared, I started smiling real smiles, and the fear and anxiety faded away.

I still had those obsessive thoughts (and cravings that hit out of the blue) for quite a while, which were uncomfortable, but when that happened I'd come here and read until I got my sober legs back under me again.

Stay strong - I think you're doing great!:ghug3
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Glad you are here!
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Cultivating Sobriety
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Thank you least, artsoul, and coffeenut. Right now is the morning of the 5'th day. This is the day where you feel the toxic effects have lifted, and a relaxation sensation has come over me. I have been here many times, just never on a Tuesday.

I am really glad I found this place, many wonderful people. Thanks again for all the support, it definitely makes the difference.
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congratulations on 5 days Alien

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