Day 5 and a resentment

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Day 5 and a resentment

Today is day 5 for me. I STILL haven't managed to talk to my husband to tell him of my relapse. All he ever does is work, work, work. He always signs up for overtime and so now 6 days a week he works till 11PM. My son who is 7 NEVER sees his day except on Sundays and then we go to church, and my husband then comes home and just lays in bed sleeps, and watches football.

I am sick of being a single mom. I can never hit any PM meetings, childcare is a fortune. I don't like to always have to go everywhere alone. I hate it. I am getting burned out..... not to mention we live very far from anything.....

There, I complained. Sorry so negative today.

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Has he told you why he works so much? Financial instability? Not wanting to be home?
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I hope you get a chance to discuss things with your husband soon Mrs F.

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Yes, I know he works so much to make ends meet. he is always on the comp cking our account balance. I thought when we got our credit cards paid off he would relax some, but no not really, now more goes into savings. he is always preparing for a worse case scenerio... he told me on Saturday he made a pretty big mistake on some welds and hopes he doesn't get in trouble today. I mean he knows it, he admited it and told the next shift how to fix it... he is a good provider and all I guess I am just a complainer. I did talk w/ him on Sat night about my relapse....Finally. I was a little scared to. It went okay...... anyway, yesterday we hung out and went to our sons play and then a family Christmas gathering....a fun time had by all...i ate too much though.
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