Christmas shopping stress

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Christmas shopping stress

Hello everyone. I had today off and decided to go tackle some of my Christmas shopping. The whole day I was getting overwhelmed with thoughts of all the things I need to do before Christmas. I kept telling myself one day at a time, but that didn't calm me much. So when I got home as I was organizing my stuff, my alcoholic brain said wouldn't a beer be nice. No! And then I thought, why not wait until Jan 1 and start my sobriety then. So I ran here as quickly as I could! How has everyone else coped during the Christmas season. Thanksgiving wasn't really a problem for me because that was one day. The Christmas activities and parties seem to spread out all through Dec. Thanks for any suggestions.


Sober date - Nov 18, 2010
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First of all, I think it's great that you came here first before giving into that beer.
Honestly, a couple of weekends ago I was experiencing my first sober weekend since starting AA (and probably only my third sober weekend of the past five years or so) and I went to Target to do some Christmas shopping. On a Saturday night. I was walking through Target thinking, "so THIS is what normal people (or normal drinkers at least) do on a Saturday night!" I was so happy and peaceful walking through Target because I felt like a normal, productive member of society, even though I was doing something that most people stress about. I guess my point is, try and be grateful that you have the clarity of mind to get these stressful things done. A weird thing to be grateful for, perhaps, but you can get through these 24 hours! I'm pulling for you!
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Change, that's the same date as mine! (At least I think that is my sobriety date, I could have pinpointed it wrong by a few days, but I know it was Nov of last year.)

You did the right thing by coming here. The ideas your brain came up with on a new start date are complete BS, so it's good you know that. That is going to help you. You give yourself a chance by not taking even the first sip of the first drink. So don't touch it and stay away from it. The days will float by before you know it.

As far as holidays go, if they are going to stress you out so much, you may have to figure out how to trim down your tasks, but that's my perspective (I don't let the holidays rule me the way most people do). If there is going to be a lot of alcohol around, then you need to be able to handle it or else not be around it period. The sobriety has to be first.

Keep going.
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I think Christmas is stressful for everyone...especially the shopping.

My only advice - and I'm a man so some of you may - is do it a little at a time, have gifts pre-planned if possible...go in, get it, and get out - and do it all sooner rather than later. Online shopping is good too

as for the festive season itself - there are some good tips here, even if they are for Thnaksgiving

and congratulations on not giving in to that pre-programmed stress response

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I have a solution to the horrors of Christmas shopping.
I do mine on-line.

I have a list......a coffee and a lap done within an hour or two.
All delivered straight to my door..........and cheaper...
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me with free shipping...poof i was done before thanksgiving....only thing to do is grocery shop and stress there, i am good at hiding dustbunnies.

you are giving yourself a lasting Xmas gift....better health through being sober...screw the little voice that tells you about the *magic* of January first.... On all the holiday festivities, you will be the one without the hangover hauling out the empty bottles, wondering why you drank to will be the one without the bleary eyes and nauseated stomach.

someone said something earlier about "the reason for the season"...that is a very nice thought to hold on to.
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I just did a marathon of online shopping from last Wednesday to yesterday. Stressful? Nope I love doing the research and reviews and consumer reports etc. and then seeing the stuff at 30% more at the big box stores when I need to check out something like a computer or TV. Then go home and order. I ordered a new 24" Acer Monitor Monday morning from on a cyber Monday sale almost half off. It was delivered Wednesday morning and I have been using it all day.

Online from my state is no sales tax, cheaper prices, and no fuel at 3 bucks a gallon consumed, not even a stamp for mail order. NO fighting the crowds, traffic, no passing by liquor stores and bars, no helpful slaes associates that are 19 or 20 and haven't a clue but try to put on they do.

Jeez! I didn't realize I was missing so much! :rotfxko
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I take a whole different tack: I don't shop but a tiny bit, and I ask my friends and family to not get me anything. Their love and presence in my life is more than enough of a gift.

"The reason for the season" is good too. The Christmas holiday is not to see how much money we can spend or give or how much we can get. And even if you don't believe in Christmas, or are of a different religion, it's still a holiday in celebration of Love, not Money as the retailers would have you believe.

But if you must shop, online sounds like the easiest way to go. Good for you for resisting the urge to drink. That little voice is a liar and a troublemaker, ya know.
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