Could it be 30 days?

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Could it be 30 days?

Hey Everyone,

So here it is... my #30 day!!!!! So excited!!! I was so nervous about relapsing when I went to Mexico. Because I LOVE tequila. You know what I love more? Being SOBER!!! and my life while being sober.

Mexico for thanksgiving was awesome. I have the best husband who supported me and loved me through the entire process. Even while we were in a town named TEQUILA.... anyway... just a small little happy dance for me. Now I get to go on to bigger and better things... like living my life sober.

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That's wonderful, Saliena!

And, I'm glad that you have your husband's support.
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Good for you! I am happy you had a nice trip, sober and all! How wonderful to have such a supportive husband!
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Congratulations! 30 days is fantastic! you inspire me.

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That's great! I'm happy that you enjoyed Thanksgiving so much and stayed sober!
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Well done on 30 days!!
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Congratulations Saliena

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Congrats and big hugs on thirty days sober!! And here's to many more sober days to come.
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Congratulations on the 30 days! Isn't it wonderful to have a great trip and remember it. Yeah for the husband too!
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(((Saliena))) - congrats on the 30 days!! Glad you had an awesome Thanksgiving and your hubby is so supportive.

Hugs and prayers,

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Right on!!!! 30 days is HUGE! Congratulations!!! =)
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Congrats on the sober time! Nice job.
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