Head down, don't think, just do...

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Head down, don't think, just do...

Sometimes it's better to not really think too much about stuff. You've just gotta get your head down and make sure that you don't pick up 'just for today'. You just gotta go to AA or whatever else recovery program you go to and you gotta work the steps in your daily life or whatever other program you use and just get on with it.

I know for me then my acceptance of being an alcoholic is so crucial in my continued sobriety and recovery. When the perspective and clarity goes due to stress or whatever and the old 'drop-out of life and sit on a bench' mindset comes back because you don't want to sit with uncomfortable feelings/emotions then my 100% acceptance of my alcoholism is so essential for me to stay sober.

If you want to stay sober then it's just gotta be done as afterall what is the alternative? Prison, institution, death. For me I have no doubts. That in itself wouldn't be enough to stop me though when my clarity and perspective goes. That's why AA and SR is so important for me as it helps me get my perspective and clarity back.

Recovery for me is very much a learning experience underpinned by my accpetance that I'm an alcoholic and addict thus I have to prioritise my recovery above all else because I know I'd lose evrything anyway, if I didn't.

Keep it simple can be so annoying at times but it definately can also be so helpful too, especially in times of great stress and when the head is trying to 'think' too much.

I have an alkie head and my perspective can get screwed so quickly. As long as I have gratitude then I am OK.

I have weathered the storm and need to stop being so hard on myself. I am so good at beating myself up in my head and I am grateful for my recovery in allowing me to recognise this.

All The Best and stay sober 'just for today'.

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When i saw the headline Neo i thought yeah spot worried about taking a 10 hour flight return trip to spain and then having both legs to do a 3 hour flight straight after...not keen on flying...nothing to do with drinking but relating on how we are living a brand new life now and all experiences seem new in sobriety...

I was trying to talk myself out of it earlier but in sobriety you are right head down, dont think and just do it...God can sort out the rest;-)
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Good post, Neo.

Thought is nice, feelings are okay, but action rocks. I like it too because when I'm embodying the steps and in conscious contact with my higher power, it's like that old Taoism notion: action through non-action. I don't have to force things. Plus I can stop worrying about my behavior and start participating, really listening to others and being part of a community. Yeah, action's cool.
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I just wanted to say I loved this post. When I have a challenging day, as I have had recently, this kind of mental mantra is good to remember! Great post Neo!
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