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How Did I Get to this Place?

So 6 years ago I had a gastric bypass and since that time my drinking has gotten alot worse.

Tonight I went to an AA meeting and started to think "Damn when did I become and addict to the bottle?"

I came home did some research and found this website
Gastric bypass surgery and alcoholism: Is there addiction transfer after weight loss surgery?

I am not blaming my drinking on my gastric bypass... I mean in somme ways it saved my life. I lost 200 pounds... and I healed alot of the health issues that I had before the bypass. But, I will say that it is alot easier to get drunk now then it was before. Before I would drink 6-10 drinks... and be totally fine. Now I am two glasses of wine in and I am a total B****...

Like I said... I am not tranferring my blame... I am what I am because of the decisions I made. But, it is nice to know there are some studies out there that show I might have been prone to it.

And, since it is a progressive disease ... I got to stage 4 in 5 years... not 25 like alot of people.

Anyway, just throwing out thoughts.

Thanks for listening... I am really glad you are all here...

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I'm glad that you found a resource that answers some of the questions you may have had surrounding addiction transfer. It's funny how validation in an obscure aspect of our lives can be so comforting.

I, too have a similiar experience. When I started taking Prozac after having major anxiety and depression post 9/11 (I was there), I swore that it made me want to drink more to offset the "high" even at the lowest dose which I was on and thought I was really going crazy. Turns out that there is a segment of people that respond to the drug in the very same way! I, much like you, can't help but wonder if the prozac and increased alcohol use took me down a path I wouldn't have otherwise gone down. I guess all we can do is be thankful for being right where we are.

Sounds like you're making progress with the weight loss, overall health and now your 7 days, is it? (We have the same amount of days! Yay, us!)

I wish you continued strength and I'm really glad that you're here, too.
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Glad this comforts you. Good luck Saliena.
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