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Smile hi

Hi, I'm new to this site - have been sober nearly 3 years now - had been sober nearly 6 years but, usual story, got ccomplacent, thought i could just have a couple of drinkis to chill. Within an hour i had been out and downed a litre of vodka and had my kids taken away within next hour! totally spiralled out of control in a couple of hours with just one drink! Well got into rehab in 2006 - did relapse, but luckily it was short and sharp and did not lose my kids this time thank god - but was the worst withdrawals i had ever suffered in my life - so so real hallucinations etc - never ever want to go back there and i dont have to thankfully
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Welcome to SR. Sounds like you are a good example of how cunning this disease can be. I am on 15 days and hope I can keep it going as long as I can. Be the inspiration you have gotten a second chance to prove. Thanks for posting.
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Hi Rockchick, welcome to SR. I too am at 3 yrs and for the past year and half SR has been an important part of my life. By reading the struggles of those in early sobriety I am reminded of my own struggles, sometimes it's a mirror image, and sometimes I feel so fortunate because "there but for the grace of God go I". We can't get lax about the demons (alcohol and/or drugs) that pursue us because they won't give up we have to be on guard for life.
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A work in progress
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Welcome, RockChick,

I joined a couple months ago, and I have almost two years.

Glad to have you here!
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Thumbs up

So glad you found SR!

Lots of support here...........huge welcoming hugs
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3 years is amazing!! Congrats! and welcome to SR, this site is great for support! I found it 7 days ago and today is Day 7 of the sober ME
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Hello! And, welcome!

Congrats on 3 years, I still have a ways to go, but I'm fighting the good fight

Nice to meet you!
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Welcome and thanks for the reminder.

We are all one drink away from really bad stuff happening.

Congrats on your 3 years!
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I'm glad you made it rockchick - welcome

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Welcome and congratulations thus far on your journey.
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Welcome rockchick.

Your post made me stop and think that I could blow it all by picking up one drink. Good for you for picking yourself up and getting sober again. After all that happened, it must have been hard.

Congratulations on your three years. I have a little more than 2.5 years.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Good to see you here with us.....Welcome....

When I came on line...I too was 3 years sober.
I find recovery sites are a tremendous enhancement
to my local AA comittment.

All my best to you and your family.....
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ahhh there you go.

welcome to you.

have a look around at the different forums....

SR is a great place to receive support..

glad you made it, miss............
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