Let it ride. Let it pass...

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Let it ride. Let it pass...

Gone to bed sober? Check.

Sometimes that's about as good as you can get.

Vivid drinking/using dreams? Check. It's just the 'illness' whooshing around in the subconscious.

Threat to continued sobriety? Absolutely not!

A new day. Another brand new fresh day of recovery and sobriety? Check.

Feeling good and like a different person today? Check.

Progess, not perfection.

Grateful to be a recovering alcoholic.

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Thanks Neo that was awesome
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Snarf Snarf
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Right on, Neo. Hope you have an awesome day!
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I expected something totally different when I clicked open this thread. Imagine my surprise to read something so positive (or, at least, real). Thanks for posting that.
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Ethanol Intolerant
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Neo, I really enjoy your posts. You always seem to get some wood on the ball.
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New to Real Life
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I love your posts, too. I find your very inspiring!
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Adventures In SpaceTime
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Thumbs up

Yeah. Way AWESOME!!
Really great ESH, Neo. Thanks.
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Cool man, thanks.
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Thank you all for your 'thanks' and positive messages. It means a lot to me.

Much appreciated as always.

Peace and Love
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A work in progress
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All I can say is you better gol-dang not get so busy with school that you quit posting here!

Seriously. Don't make me take a trans-Atlantic flight. I can't afford it right now.
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ditto on "you're awesome." Thanks for the pep talk, NEO!
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