Going to court today

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Congrats on getting this taken care of. Jail is no picnic, but I'm confident you will handle it with grace and dignity despite your surroundings. It's what's INSIDE that counts (inside you, I mean).

Do you get any options for your community service? You might see whether you could volunteer for something recovery related.

I'm proud of you.
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I just got a 2nd OWI too. 7-30 days in jail, hoping I can serve just the 7 days and do it once I have vacation from work again. My attorney says the judge will want to work with me so I can keep my job. The fine is bad too, and I am having a heck of a time bumming rides to work. I think I'm eligible for a work permit in 45 days, but I am not certain yet as I have not heard from the DOT. This was a real wakeup call for me, I need to continue working to get cleaned up and so whatever I can to keep my job.
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Best of luck to you in you in court....I face the judge June 2011 for my 1st and last DUI... xo
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Snarf, please forgive me if I sound like a complete jerk but that is not my intention with this message...

I honestly wish that all DUIs resulted in minimum 1 year in jail and minimum 2 years suspended license.

I'm really glad you have things figured are much much further ahead than I am and I commend you. However, I just don't really agree with trying to bargain out of a DUI punishment...DUI is a very reckless thing to do. Just my opinion, thanks for reading.
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good luck in court, I'll have it on my mind

Congrats on the five months as well!
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This thread is not about DUI laws. It appears that this DUI has snarf's full attention and the state will do what it can to ensure that. What purpose does it serve, really, your post?

Well snarf, I know you can do it... and you have a good start on recovery!!
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I'd like to reiterate that this thread should not become about DUI laws.

Think what you like...but sometimes it's better left as thought I think...or start another thread...

but let's give one of our community a little support in this one.

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Glad to hear that dreaded period of the "unknown" is finally over for ya. !!!

It was hell for me, .....

Handling Comm. Service sober was a blessing ; ....considering the alternative.

Congrats on your sober time in the ATL !!!!!!!!

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Good luck Snarf! So many people make excuses and never accept responsibility. Clearly you have done that and I hope you benefit from it. Wish you the best.
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Snarf Snarf
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A thousand thank yous for all the lovely comments! And to think, I had the nerve to get upset about something at work tonight! Then I thought to myself, "Hey man, when you woke up this morning you thought you were gonna be spending the night in a jail cell. Instead, you're at work and making money, so really, what right do you have letting this silliness bother you?" And from then till the end of my shift, I was on Cloud 9.

I know what's ahead of me. I'm ready to face it. But I'll tell you this much; if I had been drinking these last 5 months, I would've been an absolute nervous wreck today, wondering why I always get shafted in life. Instead, I know with all the stuff I'll have to deal with this next year, it's already been worth it. If this is what it took to get me off the alcohol, then I thank God for it, and for the fact that I got the message now before something worse had to happen.

Man, it's such a great feeling to be able to be optimistic in the face of adversity. To not constantly beat myself up over the mistakes I've made. Screw up, learn, don't do it again. I'll take my jail sentence, probation and all that other junk the same way I take my recovery: seriously, and one day at a time.
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Snarf - The waiting of court sessions is about the worse! However, it looks like you're going to be just fine - I've spent much longer than a few days in jail and of course those "months" were alcohol related.

I am without a license as well and won't have mine back for another year. I've managed pretty well with my Schwinn getting around town and hauling things. As a matter of fact, tonight's ride home was a bunch of plants from work they were going to pitch.

I don't think riding a bike as a form of transportation being a pain, but more of a challenge. I'm always amazed with what I can transport on that thing.

Snarf - keep up the positive attitude and everything will flow your way. :ghug3
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You're doing great Snarf - really, it wouldn't be natural to breeze through this with no stress whatsoever. So give yourself a little extra pat on the back. Just think: when you attend classes, you'll be able to talk about all your time sober and amaze everyone there!

I'm so glad things worked out so that you can don't miss out on too much. I'm sending some prayers and positive thoughts that the transportation will be as painless as possible.

Keep up the good work!!!
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Glad that you know what is in store for you Snarf. Like you, I am trying very hard to comply and show to all those that care (and those who now decide certain aspects of my life...judges, probation officers, therapists etc) that I am taking this seriously. I was fortunate in that there was no jail time (except for the night of my OWI). Good luck to you and I hope that things go smoothly for you in the future (as smoothly as is possible with recovery)

Wasn't Gwinette County Jail (sp?) the one featured on the "Cell Block 6" series? (Women in that jail both long and short term)
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I think you may be right about that, Dog. I'm pretty sure my girl was watching it one night. I remember thinking, Gee, that place looks familiar.
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(((Snarf))) - I think you're doing all the right things, getting a jump on the community service, going to school, dealing with all this head on.

BTW, I did MANY an hour of community service for the city of Atlanta while locked up in a diversion center and we were dragged to clean to parks, where crackheads hung out (my DOC), but it was actually a good to see the Red Dogs (Atlanta's drug squad) in action, which reminded where I COULD be if I chose to go back out. By doing it the way you're doing it, I think you'll have some better options. It's not fun, by any means, but it is humbling and it does give you time to think about where you've been and were you're going.

Keep up the good work!

Hugs and prayers,

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Thanks Amy. I think they offer me a great deal of choice when it comes to community service. Pretty sure I just have to work for a non-profit organization and it must be documented on official letterhead. I'm going to ask around at my AA clubhouse to see if anyone knows of a recovery-related organization that could use some help. I'd really like for my work to go toward helping others that are dealing with addictions to alcohol, or other substances.
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