Birthday Celebrations

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Birthday Celebrations

Just gotta tell you all that I turned 53 yesterday and it was the first time since I was 15 yr old that I haven't had a Drink to celebrate my Birthday!

Usually I would have been comatosed at the end of the night with a Whopping hangover the next day, instead I celebrated with Coffee and had a cosy night in front of the TV....
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Happy Birthday Kitey - hope this year is the best ever for you
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Yesterday was your birthday, so Happy Birthday to ya. Singing that with the Beatles tune, Happy Birthday To Ya.

:day1 Happy 53rd and hope you have many more sober.

God bless.

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Happy Birthday to you and Congratulations on staying sober..
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Happy birthday and congrats on your sobriety!
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happy birthday
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Way to go! My birthday was Friday and I did the same thing.
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7 Happy Birthday and congrats on your sobriety!
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Happy Birthday, Kitey! I just hit the big 54, myself, a couple weeks ago. My first sober birthday in awhile was last year when I turned 53 (got sober a few weeks after 52).

Heh, it hurts to think I'll probably never get that 50-year chip, but I'm glad to be sober before I'm a little old lady drunk!
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Good job, Kitey! That's a sure cause for celebration!58
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This is exactly what I needed to hear (read?). My birthday is in a few weeks, and I have been really nervous because ever since I turned 21 (I'll be 28 this year), I have not had a sober birthday. There was a part of me that was trying to justify drinking on my birthday, but that is just stupid. I cannot and willnot do it. And, knowing that there are so many others out there that can do it, I know that I can too.

Happy Birthday and thank you for the strength to stay sober!!
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