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Delayed Wiithdrawal symptoms?

I have not had a drink since July5. I experienced no physical withdrawal symptoms immediately after stopping. The past 2 mornings upon waking I feel very dizzy and "strange" like I might faint or am having a panic attack. I had blood work just come back with low blood sugar (a first for me). My Dr. gave me Klonopin for anxiety and I admit to taking one and it does help but I dont want this to be my answer!!!

I wonder if this is a delayed reaction to not drinking? My body was so used to all of the sugar from the nightly wine and can't help but think it's absence is causing this. I am working closely with my Dr. on this so I do not want medical advice just wondering if any of you experienced something similar when you were almost 3 week sober???
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It's only anecdotal evidence perhaps but I remember hearing (maybe here?) that a lot of alcoholics are diagnosed as there may indeed be something in that, hunt?

Glad you're working with your Dr
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I'm coming up on week 4 and I've been pretty sensitive to my blood sugar levels in the past few weeks. When I don't have something to eat for a few hours, I get antsy, irritable and feel like I'm going to pass out. I never had this problem before. My solution has just been listening to my body and buying emergency M&Ms or Gatorade when I need them. For first thing in the morning it's a little harder...does it go away if you drink juice?
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I did feel a bit 'strange' for a while after getting sober. I took good care of myself, eating right and exercising and sleeping enough, and after a while the strange feeling went away. I'd suggest keeping a log of your feelings/symptoms and if they don't go away, or get worse, in the next few weeks see your doctor.
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I am also hypoglycemic and I didn't know that the condition was a contributing factor to my alcoholism.

I have found, by trial and error, that I must eat just before going to bed. I choose cereal, whole wheat toast, some kind of complex carbohydrate, and then I don't experience any problems in the morning.

Has your dr given you any advice on how to deal with low blood-sugar?
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I went too long without eating yesterday....I know you aren't supposed to get hungry but it happened. Anyway, I felt really weird, almost like I was buzzed, this thread is a good reminder that i need to be more careful about this.
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