Day eight is done

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Day eight is done sweet it is!

Past through the weekend with no troubles, but then again, I stayed close to home. I was offered two six packs of beer from relatives (they don't know I've quit yet) and I had no trouble saying no thanks.

My nightly headaches are lessening and I'm managing to sleep better at night too, so things are going good.

My radar is set on high for Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). There has already been a few faint "It really wasn't all that bad was it?" thoughts in my head, so my limbic system must be ramping up to fight for it's alcohol fix. I'm ready for it!!!!!!!!

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Congrats on your 8 days Murray

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I'm on day 2 - so I'm quite envious that you've made it to day 8 - GOOD LUCK - keep thinking 'one day at a time'!!

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Congrats and hugs on your 8 days sober!
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It made me happy to read this! You're right to beware of the thoughts telling you it wasn't that bad. That's what brought me back to picking up again for many years. I told myself if I just used more willpower I could hold it down to a few. How clueless I was back then!

Murray I remember your first post, & you sounded ready & enthused to begin your new life - I'm so glad it's working out.
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Good on you Murray! Well done for getting through this difficult hurdle - I'm sure you're going to go from strength to strength!!

Big hugs,

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Congrats.......8 days sober. Just gets better from here. Sounds like you have your radar in tune. Really good thinking. This demon is very cunning and lies like crazy trying to pull you back. Stay strong as you are doing and keep the liar out of your life!

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