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My picture is Scout, she was going to be killed along with her brother Jem in Coweta, Georgia, the morning after I pulled her from the shelter. I almost missed them. They are sweet and gorgeous. He found a home, she had demodex mange, is still looking for a Forever Family. I call her my Little Piggie!!
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Nancylee - I don't know how you do the rescue thing, but I commend you. Our Lab (Jackpot) was scheduled to be put down twice. We were his third (and last) rescue. Took awhile to get him calmed down - he had demodex mange too. Adopting him also gave me a reason to get sober - he needed stability, not some wacky broad he couldn't count on. :crazy
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my new dog, a 4 year old Pom is also a rescue dog! Sammy was an expensive purebred Pom who was neglected by his original owners...they left him outside with no shelter in all kinds of weather, were too lazy to walk him, train him, groom him and never got him neutered....consequently he was marking and had terrible anxiety.

I am happy to say that he is adjusting beautifully, he is happy at my house, doing very well with housetraining and the crate. he gets LOTS of attention, has 3 cats for entertainment and he has become the rock star of my neighborhood, everyone greets him when we go for a walk....SOBER.

his foster mom and I stay in touch, I feel I made the best choice to aid my sobriety by adopting him, he is loving and gives great positivity to me every day.

someone (or me) has to go back a couple of whiner threads and re-post his pic. I will try to get to it later today, but if anyone else wants to, feel free.

there is a bit of biotch-slapping from the cats, but for the most part we all get along now....lots of patience from me and the cats
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I feel so good and happy about my sobriety knowing that I'm now taking really good care of my doggies, and not just halfassed attention. And I'm sure they appreciate the loving and meticulous care they get from me. They are and always will be a large reason to stay sober.

Fandy, I really want to see a pic of Sammy with one of his bright bandanas on.
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I am teary-eyed looking at everyone's pictures...they are so beautiful! I have a new laptop with none of my pictures on here yet. I will have to figure out how to get one off my cell.
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My boys are both rescues. My Scottie is 13 this year and my little guy will be 5. The picture is of my Scottie and the neighbors dog, Beasley.

I would come home from work and have no dog (pre Oliver days) in the house because he was across the street with Beezer or come home and find them both here. Gotta love doggie doors.

They give me hope and comfort and I think God for them everyday. Great thread.
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