8 days and struggling...

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Good work on 11 days so far Almay!

Don't be worried about your new found love for Chocolate. It sure is better than the alternative.

I have personally fallen in love with childish candies since I put everything down. I love the nostalgia that it brings. Wonka candies are my favorite right now

Keep strong! we are all cheering for you.
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Morning All - day 12 and still feeling tired. I am eating loads of chocolate at the moment and have already piled on 5lbs since I stopped drinking so that 'body to die for' as Grace so nicely put it :-) is going to shoot out of the window fast if i dont put the cream cakes down!!! Am going to eat healthy today as I am sure that will make me feel abit better.
Sorry to hear about your granddaughter Grace - hope she is ok.
Its my little boys 7th birthday on Saturday and I am so excited. I will be sober (not the norm) which means i will fully appreciate his little face when he opens his present :-). I have bought him a skateboard complete with lots of padding so fingers crossed for no broken bones.
I absolutely LOVE waking up sober!! This feeling never gets old. After 6 years of drinking nearly 2 bottles of wine a day, every day I didnt realise how sick I had made myself. I am so grateful for SR - do not think i would ever have done day one without all you good people. And now I'm on day 12.....Whoop Whoop!!
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Hi Almay. Thankyou for your posts . Yes you will enjoy your kid's birthday so much more being sober and so will he! perhaps you could get yourself a second skateboard and do it with him! (the money you'll be saving on alcohol you could probably buy yourself whatever you like-in fact maybe we should start a new thread on that-what have you bought with all the money you've saved on not buying booze-or am I being too materialistic?)
Big thanks too to Grace's comment :
a bottle of wine is equivelent to eating six sugary doughnuts

I need to stick that one on my fridge door in times of crisis
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Congrats! I remember when you thought you couldn't do it. Look at you now!
I love the feeling of waking up sober, too. I just recently gained my energy took 20 days for me to feel somewhat normal.

Hang in there and don't beat yourself up for eating chocolate or other goodies. Chocolate is actually good for you. Focus on listening to your will tell you waht it needs...
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Hey there Almay,

Sending some fresh Belgian chocies your way to congratulate you on your 12th day!

Your post brought tears to my eyes and I will be thinking of you on Saturday on your little son's 7th Birthday - what a happy and precious occasion it's going to be :-).

Grace's comment has definitely shocked me too! The next time I look at a bottle of wine I'm going to see six horrible sugary doughnuts - YUK!!!!!!!!! I'll print this out and put it on my fridge!!!!!!!!!

Big hugs,


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I've just been reading this link about PAWS (very clearly written and easy to understand!) on my lunchbreak and can only strongly advise you to read it if you haven't already done so:

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) ó Why we donít get better immediately) Digital Dharma

I remember skimming through it a few months ago and thinking 'that's not applicable for me' but it is applicable and helpful for us all!! I only wish I'd read it fully a few months ago but am going to live by it from now on!!! I think I'll be quitting my coffee and diet coke and looking for substitues - am just drinking green tea now :-)

Big hugs to you all,

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I am so happy to see you are doing better. I love waking up without the hangover as well!! I am looking forward to hearing about the birthday party. My niece and nephew are here this week and I am looking forward to spending time with the without the hangover. Day 12 for me, let's keep going together!!

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First of all, we all know how hard it is, but you can do it. 8 days is wonderful! For now focus on only today. Hugs!
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Persevere, Never give up!
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Hi Almay, wow a birthday party sounds fun, I have another two months my eldest turns 10. Enjoy it! Almath, where do u get all those wonderful graphics? do you design them or is there a site, you just make us all hungry, ooh i coulld eat up all those chocs and the doughnuts, but thank goodness its only a pic! Did u use the jet to drop these off at Almay, so they were fresh? MF, more tuning for you!
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Congrats on reaching 12 days sober! It WILL get better, I promise you, but if you don't start feeling better soon please see your doctor - it could be something unrelated to drinking/withdrawal. Hang on sweetie!
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i've done my almost
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Guess what - early sobriety sucks! (hehe, but it's true).

The first few days/weeks, I didn't know up from down, but I kept putting one foot in front of the other. That was the best I could do. Get up, go to work, go to a meeting or go to outpatient therapy. I did this for 4 months.

After 4 or 5 months, I was feeling better, yes, but being sober was still very, very awkward and sometimes downright painful. I'm now 6 months removed from my last drink and I'm still showing major PAWS symptoms.

...but now I know that it's a one-day-at-a-time process sometimes. I'm glad you made it through that day.

Feelings...aren't always facts. Boy, once I learned that, my entire world changed and my God got a lot bigger.

Congrats on making it through and also VIVA SR!
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thanks for the update Almay - go you!

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Hi again Almay, another very quick one as it's 01.17 and I really should be in bed. Just having a really, really busy time at the minute.

I must say how much more positive you sound today and you've got me excited too about your son's birthday. Seven is such a lovely age and you will make it such a special day for him!

You can afford to put 5lbs on, anyway your body will adjust and what goes on quickly comes off quickly!

Almath, I lurrrrve that pic of the doughnuts. I too am so going to print it off and put it on my fridge( and I might laminate one and hang it on my wine rack ( which is now full of nothing) like a flag!!

Hopefully, I will have more time for a catch up tomorrow.


P.S The baby is fine thank you, she started walking a few weeks ago and looks really comical. She's at the fracture clinic tomorrow for a proper cast to be put on. She's just carried on as normal, just like a woman! If it had been her 3 year old brother, you would still hear him screaming!!
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Persevere, Never give up!
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HI Almay, we haven't heard from you today, I hope you are well, been thinking of you a lot. Please keep strong and keep posting, we are here for you. Things will get better! Just keep focused. Hugs xxx
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