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home alchohol detox help

Hi All,
I just joined this site today after reading many posts and need your help please. I am starting a home detox for my 19 year old son asap and have many questions. First, when I say home, I mean motel room, just him and I. He has agreed to stop but will not go to a centre but will do this. He has been drinking on and off for many years but now is at the point that if he doesn't have alcohol, he gets physically sick. He has been at this point for aproximately 4 weeks. His story is long, and not mine to tell but suffice it to say he is jobless, broke, looks like hell etc. The Dr. gave him Vallium to withdraw. I think this is all the info right now accept to say I have never been so frightened in my life. I need to know what to expect. My main worry after his health of course is him begging me to get him alcohol if the detox becomes too much. My heart is broken in many pieces, many times so any help would be apprectiated and God Bless all of you for chosing to be sober!
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I think what you are trying to do, although well intentioned, is very dangerous. If your son is drinking enough to have withdrawal symptoms to be medically safe you should probably take him to a detox and not try and do this at "home". This is not a forum for medical advice. Just know that severe alcohol detox really, REALLY, needs to be MD supervised and monitored. What are going to do if he has a seizure in a hotel room? Can you stay awake 24 hours a day to make sure he's safe? Perhaps the real question is why was the decision made to NOT go to a treatment center? What's the thought behind that?
Good luck. You have my prayers....

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withdrawal is different for everyone.

It would be inappropriate here for me to offer any medical advice......because im not qualified to do so.

My withdrawals where done in hospital under medical supervision and with meds.
The complications can be extensive......although i would say i know plenty that did it at home with meds.

Valium was very effective with my withdrawals..

god be with you and your son.
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Don't hesitate to call a Dr. in the event of problems. Also, I would get him to an AA meeting pronto. I am sure you are a loving and supportive mother, but right now he needs to find peers that have been gone through what he has. Hard for me to imagine that "locked in a motel room with mom" is going last very long as a recovery plan. For me, my mom thought she caused my alcoholism/addictions, so she wanted to fix them. Her heart was in the right place, but the truth is that she didn't and she couldn't.
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Hi Lindy

I also recommend professional medical treatment. It's a big responsibility for an untrained person.

I've no wish to alarm you - many people here have been ok with detox - but I did not seek medical help, and I'm still dealing with the effects of that decision three years on. It can be dangerous. I think you should impress that on your son.

Pls consult your Dr again if you're at all worried
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I agree that you should seek medical help.

I wish the best for your son in his recovery and for you and your family.
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I agree that you should seek medical advice.
Many of these symptoms can be fatal.

Mild Symptoms of Alcohol Detox
Mild symptoms of alcohol detox are not necessarily dangerous. These symptoms develop during the initial days, after refraining from alcohol. However, the craving for alcohol is so much that the person often finds it difficult to remain resolute. Additionally, the symptoms of alcohol detoxification often force the person to resume his usual dose of drinking. Lot of support and counseling is required at this stage, to help the person quit alcohol. The mild symptoms of alcohol detox include:
  • * Feeling of jumpiness or nervousness.
  • * Feeling of shakiness.
  • * Anxiety.
  • * Irritability.
  • * Bad temper.
  • * Headache.
  • * Sweating of the palms of the hands.
  • * Nausea.
  • * Vomiting.
  • * Loss of appetite.
  • * Insomnia.
  • * Paleness.

Moderate Symptoms of Alcohol Detox
This is the next stage, when the symptoms become more severe. Some of these may be potentially threatening. Medical intervention is required at this stage to cure the person. Moderate symptoms of alcohol detox include:
  • * Emotional volatility, sudden emotional changes.
  • * Depression.
  • * Difficulty in thinking clearly.
  • * Fatigue.
  • * Bad dreams.
  • * Rapid heart rate.
  • * Enlarged or dilated pupils.
  • * Skin becomes clammy.
  • *
  • * Abnormal body movements.
  • * Trembling of the hands.
  • * Involuntary, abnormal movements of the eyelids.

Severe Symptoms of Alcohol Detox
Severe symptoms begin to develop within 48 hours to 6 days of alcohol abstinence. Although, these symptoms are of visual nature, sometimes olfactory or auditory senses can also be involved. These symptoms are often of serious nature and can claim a person's life, if not treated on time.
  • * Excessive irritability.
  • * Increased depression.
  • * Fever.
  • * Increased difficulty in thinking clearly.
  • * Convulsions.
  • * Extreme emotional changes.
  • * Delirium tremens (Dts).
  • * Seizures.
  • * Muscle tremors.
  • * Black outs.
  • * Severe autonomic nervous system over activity.
  • * Visual hallucinations.
  • * Extreme anxiety.
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If it's the only way he agrees, at least consult a medical pro before hand and have 911 on speed dial. You mentioning that his general state of physical health has deteriorated is cause for alot of concern. If there is any way possible take him in, even if you have to lie cheate and/or steal(one of the very very few times I would make an exception)...
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The doctor prescribed valium for withdrawal, correct? Make sure it is taken as prescribed and keep in contact with the doctor. this is medical supervision these days. just make sure that you monitor the meds (he may take more than prescribed if given the chance) and be prepared to call 911 if necessary. Make sure he gets plenty of liquids and vitamins.
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So how is it going? You must be looking at the end of day 2 by now...

I said NO to drugs but they didn't listen.
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