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Hi all I am on day thirteen and this is always the time that I can argue myself into drinking again.This is when I tell myself two weeks see you can do it you can quit no problem then I go for two cans and back on the cycle.This is the time when I say to myself ok lets get real are you realy not going to have a cold beer ever again.This time I am not looking at alcohol through rose colored glasses.I am remembering the bad times the control it has over me rushing home to get in before my wife to get to the liquor store and then chug down two beers before she gets home so it looks like I am not drinking as much.Drinking in the garage,drinking alone,cant go out after work etc etc etc.I am so angry at the media just now cant turn on tv without drink being glamourised.They never show the abuse the broken homes the people hurt by drunk drivers the people with liver failure.The people like myself whose life becomes controled by getting the next drink.Sorry for the rant but they dont call it the demon drink for nothing.Good got that of my chest at home just now with a rotten cold but feeling good at least I am sober.I CHOOSE NOT TO DRINK TODAY (with Gods help) so glad of this site support here is great
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You keep ranting if it keeps you off the beer. Keep posting. Well done also. Stay strong.
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I have been caught in the same cycle, congrats for not giving in.

Just for today, don't drink one more day. It's just today, not forever. You have proven you can do that.

Hang in there!

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Well, I'm not going to drink today either. It's just one day. I was sober yesterday, I will be sober today too. Perhaps don't think that it's been two weeks. Just that you were sober when you went to bed yesterday, and you will wake up sober tomorrow too.
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I try to take my anger and turn it around, count my blessings and pat myself on the back for staying means so much to me.
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