I surrender

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I surrender

So tired of this kind of life. On the surface I seem to have it all....but I quietly drink myself to sleep with 2-3 LARGE glasses of wine. I'm rarely publicly drunk because I am a professional person, which is why I am afraid of AA meetings. I have done this before with long periods of sobriety. I just want more from my life: I want to be more productive. I want to feel physically better. I want to become more socially involved. Thanks for letting me vent.
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Hi, good to see you waving the white flag.

There are a lot of professional people in AA, although a lot of time you would not necessarily guess what people do for a living. No-one has to share anything with people in AA, unless they want to.

If you want to try out a meeting, why not try one outside of your local area first if you are worried about being seen. There's a lot of support in the rooms of AA and people who understand what it feels like to feel like you do right now.
Good luck and keep in touch
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Welcome.. A.A. is Full of Professional Folks.. i Know a Judge and Several others Who All Attend My Home Group Meeting!
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Hi 4today! This is a great place to come for support and you're doing the best thing for yourself by quitting now before things get any worse. I drank about the same amount as you, sometimes going for the whole bottle of wine. Even if I told myself in the morning I wasn't going to drink that day, I'd often find myself at the liquor store by mid afternoon.

It's a relief not to have it consume my life anymore, and I know it will be for you too. Keep reading and posting!
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Good for you for reaching out for support. It's hard to give up old habits but it can be done. I was a chronic relapser who has six months sober tomorrow, so it IS possible to stop drinking and stay sober.

I agree with finding a meeting out of your area so that you won't be 'seen'. But be advised, there are lots of 'professionals' in AA and all there for the same reason: to get and stay sober. Give it a good try. Lots of support and understanding in those rooms.
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hi 4todayinTN

I was a professional person too - sadly I dismissed the idea that alcoholism was progressive and I was getting worse...

I drank that profession away after many occasions of acute embarrassment and public shame.

Personally I think outside help - whether AA or some other recovery programme or some form of counselling or support - is the easier option.

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