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Day 28

Today is day 28 of sobriety. I always wondered why rehab usually lasts 28 days, at least the first time around and if you have good insurance. I'm thinking this about how long it takes to get all of the poison out of your system and at least get through the physical part of things. The first 3 - 5 days were the hardest by far. Days 5 - 25 actually seemed easy as I was feeling better everyday. Oddly enough, I've started thinking about beer again the past few days. Not quite cravings, more like, a beer would taste really good about now. Emotionally, I'm feeling good most of the time but kind of depressed at times - not depressed like when I was drinking a lot, but different. More bored and lacking energy. I've been really tired over the past week as well. Still waking up early though and spending less time in bed than I did while drinking. I don't think i really slept normally at all while drinking and now my body is adjusting. Anyway, here I am - Day 28. Not a celebration - just a fact. I'm committed to keep going and feel good about that. Just hoping my sex drive returns soon and energy increases.
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I guess I'll respond to my own thread. I know my rambling statement didn't request any feedback.....but, i guess what i am looking for is the experience of others. The exhaustion, lack of libido, feeling unmotivated, but not wanting to drink - anybody experience this? 28 days is a good start but I fear relapse is around the corner if i don't start feeling better. It hasn't been long enough for me to forget how bad I was feeling while drinking - yet. I just hope I start feeling even better soon. I was up late last night doing school work. Maybe the late night is causing the physical exhaustion - dunno? Thank you all for the great info throughout this site. The past 4 weeks would have been impossible without you. Another day sober. Tomorrow is day 29. Time for bed.
"Some rise, some fall, some climb, to get to Terrapin"
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I am at a bit over 30 days. To be honest, I am not focusing on the day by day count that others seem to focus on. All of your symptoms seem similar to mine. I was Ms. Crankypants for the first five days and then I started to level out.
I will share with you what is keeping me sober and remember this is only my journey; it is working the steps. Seriously working. Studying the Big Book every single day and learning about what has caused this obsession with having that darn bottle of wine every night.
As soon as I started listing my resentments and writing down my defects that were adding to the issues in my life, an amazing thing happened; the cravings started becoming less severe.

I encourage you to start'll be amazed at what you find.
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Yes, very similar to what I'm experiencing about 10 days ahead of you. I am getting more used to not drinking, and my energy levels are rising steadily. Sleep wake cycle is still pretty chaotic without the alcohol "cue" that the time to sleep has come. Libido shows signs of returning too, but summer's finally here, so that might also have something to do with it.
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It could be signs of PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome) and that's the changes in your body and mind while it's adjusting to functioning without alcohol. It will get better. It also helps to have any support system to help you thru those rough times. I see a counselor once a week and it helps to be able to vent and get her excellent feedback.

I'm near six months and a lot of that stuff is fading away. Sleeping better and feeling more 'balanced', mentally and physically.

Don't let this stuff get you to relapse mode. You can avoid that by just not picking up the first drink. Remind yourself of the poison it truly is. You can do this. And if you don't start feeling better in the near future it might be a good idea to see a doctor for a checkup.
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Do check out PAWS, as least was saying.

About 32 days into this, and my energy/motivation are still pretty low on some days. Mornings are generally great though! Sleeping is decent now. I've had several evenings of boredom (do not like!) and some funky stuff around my 30 days. I still have thoughts of drinking every now and then, but nothing like the first couple weeks, where the cravings about knocked me out of the chair. All in all, a night and day difference from where I was only a matter of weeks ago. Hang in there and try to remember to take each day as it comes...... sending hugs!
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