My top 3 Famous Sober Influences...add yours

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My top 3 Famous Sober Influences...add yours

I started researching Famous Sober People and I gotta say Glenn Beck, Ted Nugent, and Corey Taylor are my top 3 for inspiration.

**PLEASE PLEASE leave politics out of this...I know Beck and Nugent are Hated by the liberal community for what they believe...But indirectly they helped me make it to Day 36...**

Glenn was a total mess, but turned his life around and became pretty successful. It was after watching his show (thanks to all the bad press about him that made me tune in) and listening to him talk about his own battles with drugs and drinking that got me thinking it was time to quit.

Ted Nugent, National spokesperson fore DARE, what else can i say... For a Rock Star to make it to his 60's and be in the shape he is in is pretty unheard of. Most Famous Rock stars are either Dead or About to die...Look at Ozzy.
One of his quotes that stood out for me were...
"A quality of life upgrade is available to each and every one of you. It should give you a quality of life upgrade, which means no drugs, no alcohol, no fast food".
I only hope to has his energy levels in my 60's...

Corey Taylor, From Slipknot and Stone Sour...Everybodys heard "Bother" or "Through Glass"...He was a full blow alcoholic and was about to kill himself. His wife talked him out of it. Im not really sure if he went back to it or not, but whatever I listen to his music everyday and i think...If this guy can give it up so can I...(Unfortunately his bassist died a few days ago he was 38 RIP brother, something about drugs)...

Feel free to add your Influences; Unfortunately my family and friends are all drinkers so I have to look elsewhere for inspiration...
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Thumbs up Fun!

Robert Downey Jr.- Actor
Anthony Kiedis-Red Hot Chili Peppers- Musician
William Cope Moyers- Author

My Father-Not Famous but after over 35+ years of drinking he QUIT but unfortunately had to divorce my mother b/c she wouldn't.

<3 Dream
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Robert Downey Jr - as mentioned already
Chris Mullin - basketball player was drinking his way out of the league then sobered up and made several all star teams and the '92 "dream team".
Craig Ferguson - Late night TV host
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Craig Ferguson
Robert Downey Jr.
Mickey Rourke

They came back from beyond so never give up.
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Alice Cooper: I heard a great interview on NPR and he talked about his struggle with alcohol. Very intelligent and insightful.

Brigitte Nielsen.

Liza Minelli
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Im loving it...Thanks Everyone.
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Ringo Starr
Eric Clapton
Pete Townsend
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..i'm another ozzy..(sort of)..LOL..
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Not to derail the thread or anything but I seriously admire *anyone* who's turned their life around...

so, while I admire celebrities that do it, I especially admire those here at SR who've done it and keep passing it on day by day too. In fact, I think the stories here hold up to, or surpass, others I've read elsewhere

Read the Stories forum if you haven't yet

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Bill W
My home group
William James
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I agree with D.

Stephen King
Kristin Davis
Eric Clapton

As a side note, I really feel for today's famous "trainwrecks of a bad example starlets" as (someone) put it - Lohan, Spears &co. Though I'm not necessarily a fan of whatever it is they do, it's apparent that they're struggling and need help, just like any of us. People who don't understand addiction can be incredibly insensitive and mean-spirited.
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Alcoholics Anonymous
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Stephen King
I had no idea, and I've been a fan of his for a long time.
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Anthony Kiedis - HUMONGOUS fan of the RHCP's
Robert Downey Jr
Krisitin Davis
the lead singer from Aerosmith
Tara Reid (yeah, I know, but she seems to be in recovery and embracing it)

I am a celebrity gossip hound, it is my guilty pleasure.
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Without to much reflection...
Charlie Sheen
-as an example of what not to do
Winston Churchill
-as an example of what can be done
Ted Nugent
-agree with his live and let live libertarian views he's grown into in sobriety

and Dee- Respect and admiration for everyone who actually gives a shat and is trying to live life in a meaningful, proactive way.
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Marianne Williamson
Father Joseph Martin
Eric Clapton

bless all.
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Trey Anastasio
Eric Clapton
Craig Ferguson
Noah Levine
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Mary Tyler Moore
Melanie Griffith
Liza Minelli
Elizabeth Taylor
Betty Ford
Drew Barrymore
Ali McGraw
Kitty Dukakis
Truman Capote
Jack Kerouac
Lynda Carter
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Robert Downey Jr.
Mickey Rourke
many more such as stephen king, and a lot of others that i didn't know of till now..

This is a VERY VERY inspirational thread!!!!
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I agree with Dee that I have huge admiration for all of us here at SR who stick with sobriety day in and day out.

But, I think when someone well-known steps forward and says, "Yes, I'm an addict, and I'm living a good and successful life", that it resonates with people and helps to break down some of the prejudices that exist towards addicts.
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