A letter to my Addiction!!!!

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Talking A letter to my Addiction!!!!

I just read the letter from my addiction and now I'm here to write back to my Addiction!!!!!

Dear Addiction,
Here I am 1 yr later and after 9 months of sobriety u took me back again only this time u tore apart my family and my disease progressed!!!! I have 40 days sober and I intend to keep it that way I know u hate AA and want to make me suffer and kill me but not this time. I will not let u get in the ******* way again I am going to be 29 and I am to old for this ****. I hate everything about you and everything you made me become, u took my mind body and soul and I will never forgive you though I can continue to work in my program talk to my sponsor ha ha u hate that u will not kill me I ******* hate u I'd rather put a bullet in my head than shoot u into my veins....u r in my dreams and it scares me and u are the devil waking me up at night ******* with my made me a terrible wife daughter sister and mother. I will continue to work a program whether u like it or not when I had u I felt numb today I have feelings I can cry laugh and it is u I dont need you want to kill me never again I beleive I can do this and I refuse to let u get in the way of my dreams today I am a wonderful wife sister daughter and mother. I used to think I needed you but u r the devil u will not get me again ha ha how do u like that I dont need u I dont crave u. you are a disgrace and it is about time I let these feelings out....,I hate you and I always will u never can have me again. How sick do u get hearing that lol it took me to go back out for 3 months back to pills and then shooting a needle in my arms. you r out of your ******* mind if u think I am going to loose so much of what I gained back since I let you go.....and it is eating u up inside that I dont need or want u anymore so go **** yourself and have a nice life without me...........I am saying good bye for good so leave me the **** alone u are nothing but the devil and I will always hate you..............once again goodbye forever!!!!! yours truley the best woman on earth Desiree
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.....a great post..tnx..Oz..
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I needed to get it out! Was it that bad???????
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Hi Desiree

I thought you were doing it as a vent, and a release.
I don't usually comment on such posts cos they seem kinda private, and don't really need replies ?

I'm glad you feel better for it.

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