Wednesday morning

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Wednesday morning

Just wanted to share this as I have said before I was mixing alcohol and paxil and I must say getting of paxil for me was a bitch.but when I was on it it dulls my emotions my sis died about 2 months ago and I couldent even cry although I loved her dearly.I am over paxil withdrawals now but I stayed on alcohol to help me cope with it.I am now on day 14 of sobriety and I dont want to mess up so I am taking it a day at a time.I must say my emotions and feelings are back I find myself tearing up at the funnest things laughed so hard at a movie on Saturday tears were coming.Dont get me wrong I am not sad I am crying with happiness.I bought the book alcoholics anonymous yesterday and find it helpfull.I never thought I had a disease I guess that helps with the feelings of guilt Sorry dont mean to ramble its just this forum gives me an outlet for how I feel.Thank you all for support.Prayer for today dear Jesus please keep me sober just for today tommorow I will probably need your help again bless all the people here and help them overcome this
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The ramble does you good.

I wish I could tear up. The last time I cried for someone was 3 years ago when a friend got killed.. I could not muster a drop when my grandfather died in my hands.

All the best.
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Joleah, I'm familiar with what you're talking about. My emotions and been dulled and numbed for a long time. I was just indifferent about everything, unless something really pi**ed me off. Once I had a couple weeks without the booze, the emotions were coming back, and sometimes they hit me like a tidal wave. I too laughed so hard at things that I began to cry. That hadn't happened to me in a long time. But it's awesome to feel again. It's fantastic to actually experience the ebbs and flows in my emotions.

Good luck to you in your sobriety. Alcoholics Anonymous is a wonderful book. I've also found the book "Under the Influence" to be very helpful in understanding this disease of alcoholism, how and why it affects me, and how I should treat this affliction. I was lucky enough to find a copy at the library, but I believe it can be purchased for $7 or less. I intend to buy several copies and keep a few on hand, as many people I know and have worked and hung out with over the last decade+ could probably find some help in its pages.
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