Day 5....This IS interesting!!!

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Day 5....This IS interesting!!!

Yesterday, worked out pretty well. I was actually keeping busy hanging out with friends. Turns out there is more to do when you actually answer up your phone. I used to never answer my friends calls when i would drink. They all got used to it over the years, if I didn't pick up that meant i was drinking or passed out sleeping. I got home around 10pm and spent the next 6 hours playing my guitar. Bad idea cause I overslept and showed up late to work. I woke up tried, very tired...but after all the hangovers i've deal with...this tired feeling is child's play.

The rain in NY has calmed down, so hopefully I can get back on the Mountain Bike. If not, indoor rock climbing will be the 5pm distraction for today.

Making Pea Soup tonight... My pea soup will make a meat lover blush, it so hearty and packed with ham!!! I like to cook, and this is my specialty.

I am starting to like being sober again. I forget what it was like. This IS interesting.

Good Luck with TODAY everyone!!!

Song of the Day...Mad World...Gary Jules version (this song kept me up for 6 hours last night learning it...I love it!!!)
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I love living sober! It makes my life so much simpler and eliminates all alcohol-related problems. Congrats on five days sober and many more sober days to you!
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Great post. Thanks.

It always amazes me how un-boring sobriety is. Sure, it has its moments but at least we're coherent enough to do something about it.

Even taking a drive, getting lost and finding adventure along the way - try doing that half in the wrapper...not so much!

Enjoy the ham, i mean pea, soup!
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Humblebee...Taking a Drive is great!!! I had 2 DWI's in the past so can't have a drop when drive. I've have gotten so used to not driving that I forget I have that option.

Eliminate Alcohol, I eliminate the risk of a 3rd + jail time...So Simple, it's
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congrats on Day 5!!! there is a LOT we can do sober that we can't enjoy when we are too sloshed to function. I'm glad you feel better and are enjoying some simple pleasures like cooking and exercising.

I can tell you it only gets better each day.
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Congrats and I am so loving that positive tone that only we discover once we are recovery. Life is full of wonderful things and isn't it amazing how each day it becomes a bit easier and we start to appreciate all of the greatness around us once we put that drink down. So happy for you and I totally feel the same way about "forgetting" what it was like.

Keep on going my friend!! Here is to another sober day!!
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Sounds like your on a roll WB

Love todays song choice

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Congrats on Day 5. I like these threads of yours. It's like a serial: "The Adventures of Sobriety, One Day at a Time". I'm so glad things are keeping up so well in your efforts. Stay vigilant, and keep pickin'

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Thanks Rev...I like the sound of that. "The Adventures of Sobriety, One Day at a Time"...

I never really wrote anything down before, but strangely its working for me. I have a feeling re-reading my posts will be beneficial for me to remaining sober in the future.
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sleeplessness, or the fear of sleeplessness was (is) a major triggerring factor for me to drink. of course i'd long ago realised that drinking actually made my sleep worse. since making a decision to staying sober 3 weeks ago, i've had several nights poor sleep, but have found that the tiredness that follows the next day isnt that scary, and is miles better that the aches and pains of a hangover, not to mention the guilt, self loathing and fear. I can now feel a sleepless nite comming on, especially as the weather warms up, but what new is that reaching for a drink is the last thing on my mind.

keep going!
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