On Day 2

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On Day 2

I got so drunk Saturday I had to call in sick this morning! I have no doubt I'm an alcoholic! I went to a local AA group and got a temporary sponsor. I'm wondering if I should be up front with my boss in the morning about why I lay out of work. He's been good to me and he at least deserves an appology. I have no doubt this will be tough journey but daym I gotta stop!
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Hi and Welcome,

I'm glad you are seeking support.

This is just my opinion, but I would never tell anyone I work with about my addiction. There are too many preconceptions and prejudices about alcoholics and I think it could so easily come back to haunt you.
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Hi Stang


Well you know your boss better than we do.
I'd think carefully about the repercussions of laying everything out tho.

I remember coming into recovery my impulse was to unburden myself and tell everyone - that was fine for me but I had no job and no boss to consider.

Think it out

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I chose to keep my problem private since people talk and gossip and before you know it everyone would have known something I would have preferred to keep between me and a small number of people. It's been about 3 months sober for me now, and who knows, maybe people have noticed the change in me, but no one has said anything, which is how I prefer it.
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