problem binge drinker

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problem binge drinker

Hello all- I am brand new to this site.. I am a binge drinker, and only drink on occasion. However when I do drink I am unable to stop myself, and have to drink until I hit the bed.My hangovers are terrible and get bad withdrawels. I can go without drinking for a long period of time, but alcoholism is in my genes so I get worried about my intake. I have come to the conclusion that I just cannot drink anymore and am seeing a substance abuse counselor on Monday. I am just confused as to how I can go about living a sober life- AA is not my thing, I have tried it and do not feel comfortable being there. It is very difficult for me to be out in social settings and not drink. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Hi Kru

I'm sure your counsellor will have some suggestions, but for me the key was accepting that I could not drink like other people - taking that option out of the equation was the clincher for me.

Support was vital too - and you'll find a lot of that here

I started as a binger and it was easy for me to justify it cos it was only every so often, but looking back it was clearly damamging no matter how infrequent it was, and it was the beginnings of the alcoholism that had me eventually drinking all day every day.

You're wise to look at this now

Hope to see you around some more - let us know how the counselling goes

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Welcome, Kru!

Congratulations on your decision to take your life back and be pro-active in seeing a counselor. Mine saved my life.

Try not to worry about the forever living without alcohol noise in your head - that will only sabotage your efforts. Focus on where you're at, right now.

As long as you do that, remain willing to try and open-minded to suggestions, things will become clear to you.

Glad you're here. You can do this. You're not alone.
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KRU - good for you for making that decision. I don't really have any advice to offer but definitely know what you are going through.
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Welcome kru.

I'm also a binge drinker. For me it's getting worse and more frequent, which is not surprising given the evidence that alcoholism is a progressive and chronic disease. I don't have a lot of advice right now, but I can certainly relate.

Stick around, you'll find plenty of support and wisdom here.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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I'm glad you are checking out how to live sober
Drinking a liquid toxin....alcohol.....damages so much

I'm thinking brain and organs but jobs and
relationships also fall due to drinking....

Welcome to our recovery community....
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Welcome to SR! It IS hard to stop drinking. You have to make some sacrifices and a lot of changes, but the results are so worth the effort. Taking it one day at a time is wise, since we only get to LIVE one day at a time. I see an addiction counselor once a week and it's been very helpful to me. I hope yours is as useful. :ghug3
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