Tell on Yourself...

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Tell on Yourself...

It is undoubtedly true that a relapse happens way before ever picking up that first drink. The more experienced I get in my sobriety, the more in tune with my natural 'balance' I can become. This means I get to be aware when things are slighly off balance and need to be adjusted/worked on. This will be the time that I get stuff out and share it with others too. Not only does this help me reach that 'perfect equilibrium' again but it also means that a drink is not in my mindset and never will be.

If you have reached the stage, that through trial and error you conclusively know that a drink just doesn't really work anymore, then you know that this time realistically won't be different. That doesn't mean that you won't give it another try though "just once more".

You know deep-down that it will be a disaster and set the whole terrible cycle back into motion again. But once the addict mind has it's prize set in it's sights then it is nigh on impossible to stop it from getting it's fix. It was for me.

That is where the act of grassing yourself up comes into action. It is as much as a skill as anything else in sobriety. In fact it is the skill which will make lasting sobriety possible. If you can only stop before you pick up that first drink and tell somebody else about what you're feeling and what you feel like doing then the chances are that you will realise what a huge mistake you are about to make.

If you relapse then ask yourself did you speak to somebody else in recovery before you picked up again. I know how hard it is, only another addict/alcoholic knows how difficult it is to grass yourself up before you pick up. There is nothing worse than knowing that you're going to get talked out of your buzz. But you know that the buzz don't work anymore and you'll be just filled with regret, shame and hopelessness. Before you pick up just talk to someone else first. You will almost certainly not regret it but you will regret picking back up again.

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Thanks Neo
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Yeah...thanks've opened up a way back in for me.
I've failed so many time over this past year..same old eh?
One day...........
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So true, Neo - thank you.

That certainly worked for me.

I see many who do that here on SR by talking [typing] out loud - it's wonderful and amazing to see how getting the free-floating crap out of our head puts us back in balance.

Life is good.
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yep.. many Times in The Past i Would Be Sober For a Spell and Start To Get into The Stinkin Thinkin stuff and Keep it to Myself.. i Always Ended Up Drunk and Starting over Again..
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