First time, first post

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First time, first post

I feel so clueless. I found this forum through a Google search of "alcoholic thinking" and I saw things I was trying to understand (my alcoholic's recovery); I'm wanting so badly to see it. But... these are things I must accept that I cannot change right? And my writing here, tonight, instead of sleeping - which gets harder and harder - is me finding my courage to change what I can.

I am stopping the insanity of trying the same thing, again and again, trying to cure diseases by the power of my will. What's that definition of insanity again? I'm done. He (my qualifier) says he loves me and that if I loved him I wouldn't have given up. I need to understand alcoholic thinking because here am I loving him so much I have detached completely, I have turned it all over. Well, I'm intent on it. This is a battle only won by each of us. Alone. Otherwise, it is lost. He says he loves me. I know he can't even really see me right now. I'm invisible and have been for years, but I love him more.
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amicable, welcome to SR!!! Hope you'll stick around you'll find a lot of others here like you (me too ).

I have to ask, who is the "he" you're talking about? The qualifier? Just remember that this starts with you, you are most important, this is about YOU and the one who needs to love you the most is you.

This site is excellent for support and others experience by the way.

My best to you and hope to see you around. I am off to get tires put on my car. Vrrrroooooom!!!!!!
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Hi Amicable

Good to have you with us. I'm sorry for your situation, but you'll find a lot of support here

I hope you'll also check out our Family and Friends forums too -there's a lot of folks here, and down there in F&F, who know what you're going through
The Alcoholism and Addictions Help Forums- by

Welcome !
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I'm glad you found us, and it sounds like you're in an incredibly difficult 'place'. The forum that Dee posted about is full of really kind, knowledgable and supportive people. Welcome!
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Welcome to SR! I hope we can help you as much as this site has helped me.
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Hi and Welcome,

I hope you will find some peace in your life.
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Welcome to SR. I hope you stay and read....and post!
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many thanks

Thank you all for your welcoming and advisable resources. I will certainly explore the blogs and family and friends forum you have suggested. You have my deepest appreciation.
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Keep posting here. Being connected with people who know what you're going through can be a light in the darkness. Welcome.

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I am also new here.Hope this forum will increase my knowledge.
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Hi amicable and abe. Welcome.
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Welcome Abe.
I think you'll find this place very helpful indeed

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