Scary Withdrawal Symptoms

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Scary Withdrawal Symptoms

Day3 and haven't slept. Got the shakes so bad while driving - totally scared I might crash, and a song kept playing in my head that made me nauseus. 2 hrs later, big time job interview. Got the job (an act of God helped me)- Got a month to get myself together and move to a foreign country. Still sweating, now terrified. I hope this part abates soon.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Welcome to our recovery community....

Glad to know you have a new job...and plenty of time
to prepare yourself for the challenge. Congratulations!

Most ER doctors know what to do for those with de tox
problems. Don't hesitate to go if things get worse.
You could also call your doctor for advice.

Hope you will feel better soon.
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Good for you...Wow that is quite an accomplishment, how did you ever pull that off? If you can nail a job interview while going through detox you can do anything. You will have great road ahead of you, a new job and a sober life. Again congrats on that.....

This is a great start and by tomorrow the detox symptoms should be getting better by the hour. I wish I would have quit after landing a great job unfortunatly they all ended I am postitive because of my addiction.

Good luck in your new career, keep us posted and stay sober.

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Welcome to SR academic

I agree with Carol - medical supervision is a great idea - please don't hesitate to see a doctor if you have any concerns
Congrats on your interview - hope to see you around some more.
You'll find a lot of support here

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Withdrawal symptoms are living hell.
l died 1000 deaths going through them.
And they are very scary.
l agree with Carol about seeking medical attention for it.
Wish you the best.
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The first few days are the worst for the shakes and anxiety and such. Just promise yourself you won't put yourself thru this horror again.

Welcome to SR!
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Congrats all around!! The withdrawal will become manageable but if not then just go to the ER like Carol suggested. I have done that before coming off some hellish binges and they gave me an IV for fluids and made sure all of my vitals, etc. were ok. I was prescribed an anti-anxiety med just to help with the anxiety.

Here are some suggestions....try drinking gatorade because it has the electrolytes your body needs. Make sure you taking a multi-vitamin with B12 supplement. Alcohol reduces the absorption of thiamin which is necessary for our central nervous system. Make sure you are eating too. Smaller healthy meals worked for me.

Welcome to SR and we are here to support at you.

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Yes, please do seek medical help if you have any concerns about your withdrawls.

Congratulations on your new job and upcoming move. This can be a fresh start for you.
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Congrats on the new job!

I saw my doctor on my third day of not drinking. I was brutally honest with him about how much I had been drinking the past few years. He made it very clear that if I suffered certain symptoms, such as vomiting, that my husband was to contact him or take me to the ER. DT's can be life threatening, and there are things they can do to help get you through them, but it generally has to happen in a controlled environment.

As it turned out, I got off fairly easily as far as my withdrawal symptoms went. Minor shakes, some hot flashes, and I'm still not sleeping very well.

My brain fog is terrible right now, and I am super grumpy. But this too shall pass.

Day 12.
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thanks for all the well wishers- things might not be as the seem

Thanks for the encouragement. Part II of the interview, which was technical (business) not professional (academic) went awfully. Waiting to hear, but under the circumstances, I'm not sure of the fit.

What I am sure of is that after another very scary night, I went to my Dr and received the support and meds I was hoping for. Slept for the first time in days!!!

I wish I had done that before Part II, still I don't think it would have mattered.

Thanks again for all the support. Day 4 + meds = relief!
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Glad to see you made your way to the Dr. I have found everyone's experiences are different my withdrawal this round was much different then the last time. Sleep is so good.....I so want to get there.....Only had 1 so far but keeping my fingers crossed each night.

Sending good vibes on the job and thumbs up friend on sobriety. All the best!
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