Struggling in Recovery

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Do you like what happens when you drink? Would a "normal" drinker do what you are doing? How low of a bottom would you like to experience? It can always get worse. What you are describing is all the "yets" of the disease. Yet to lose a job. Yet to end up in jail. Yet to lose family and friends. Yet to lose health. Yet to lose .....

My experience in quitting drinking was that I had a moment of clarity and sanity where I saw what my drinking was doing to me and what I was becoming through my drinking. I didn't hit a "rock bottom" and I am certain there is one waiting for me if I were to pick up the bottle again. I did not experience all of those "yets". I did not like what I saw when I looked in the mirror and by grace (a gift) I sought help through AA.

I understand alcoholism as a continuum of early, middle and late stages. I am midway through the middle stage. I am fortunate that I did not have to be so badly mangled and beaten down (i.e., late stage alcoholism) when I came to an awareness and a willingness to do something about my disease. I am grateful for recovery.

You can get off the elevator any time. I wish you the best. SusanLauren
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Hi wendy!! I haven't read through all the responses but I read through all of your posts. I see you've been to AA but have you worked the steps with a sponsor, or at least given it a try? I used to think they were a bunch of hooey, but today I'm a big fan of them. I encourage the newcomers to give it a try.

And just another thought, I don't know if you have health insurance, but have you talked to any rehab centers?

You seem like you're there and you're ready, I think there's just something that you're missing that I know you'll find once you "get there", where ever that is for you.

On the other side, welcome to SR!!!! I love this site, great support and experience here. I wish you the best on your journey.
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