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Monday morning start of a new SOBER week slept well didnt have to get up ten times to pee and drink juice because I was dehydrated.Prayer for today dear Lord please when the cravings come on strong please give me the strength to overcome dont let me slip today keep me strong and for the people at SB please bless them and help them
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Hope your day goes well Joleah

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thanks dee yours to
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Living sober is an awesome way to live. When the cravings hit, distract yourself with something else. When I get cravings I ask myself "will drinking improve the situation?" Of course the answer is 'no' and so far I'm doing well not giving in. It helps me a lot too that I want to be sober much more than I might want to drink. It's my number one priority.
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Well Joleah, it's almost over!!! Hope your day went well.
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Hope today was a good day and you are now on to another wonderful day of sobriety. Keep posting and stay strong.

God Bless - Kim
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Hi Joelea,

I hope you had a great day and be proud of yourself!
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