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first time

my name is(huge soccer fan). I grew up 15 years in Romania, i never had both parents supports, i got a bursary at in Canada, i made a lot of friends,, they helped me, they told me to stop drinking but i did not, i drank, i drank ruined my first year of university, i lost all of these friends support, nobody respects me and i completly understand that....i moved to niagara got a job at some bank, i got enough money to be myself, but again alcohool got to my head, i started swearing around and i lost more and more friends....That's the story of someone that had everything and lost the same everything in a matter of short time...Right now im sitting here by myself writing this note, and im regreting everything that i did last year ... im bitting my teeth down and im walking ahead...i wanna change, i want everyone to forgive me...but it all seems so impossible...when i don't drink i feel so weak ... that's why i joined this website any advice will be helpful
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Welcome to the site. You can find wonders here. Do some reading and get a lot of help and answers. Ask what you need to ask.
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Welcome to SR Alex

You'll find a lot of support here.

Just one question tho? what do you mean by 'when i don't drink i feel so weak'?

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Welcome apt1989, you can do this. We are all here with you. It does take a lot of work but no more work than taking care of the problems that drinking causes.

Take Care,

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You've come to a good place. I'm new too, and have found alot of exceptional people here. It's a great site.

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You can get everything back in time, if you stay sober.
You have to want it more then to drink.
Concentrate on today, make a promise that you won't drink and repeat that tomorrow.
Come here often for support, many of us are here for just that, helping each other to stay sober.
Loking forward to hearing more from you.
Stay strong.
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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post

Just one question tho? what do you mean by 'when i don't drink i feel so weak'?

When i wake up every day i feel like everyone is avoiding me, good friends that i knew for some time don't want to talk to me because i cause a lot of problems when i drink. And that hurts a lot so i drink and i feel so good, i think i end up pretty bad so that's why i wanna give up this bloody booze
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Hi Alex,


I know it's frustrating that we can't change things that happened when we were drinking, but we can't. All you can do now, is to stop drinking and show your friends that you have changed. Be patient with yourself and focus on recovering.
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Welcome to SR! Lots of support and information here. Read and post your questions. I'm glad you joined our recovery family.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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For me to quit and stay quit....I ad to make many
changes in my lifestyle. To find friends interested
in my new goals ....I went to AA meetings....

Have you considered AA?
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Welcome to SR. Your explanation of feeling weak was interesting. You are actually feeling your emotions and when those emotions are "uncomfortable" you medicate. Its pretty common and part of recovery is learning to face life head on. Give recovery a try and you will learn to love yourself again. You feel shame of the alcohol side of your personality and I would wager you a bet that most everyone that is an alcoholic isn't proud of that side of themselves. Recovery provides an opportunity to fall in love with the person you were created to be.
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Welcome Alex! You will get a huge amount of support and comfort from this forum and being able to write down your thoughts is very theraputic during these difficult times. I agree with Anna - 'show your friends that you have changed. Be patient with yourself and focus on recovering.'
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