My sober life

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My sober life

I haven't been on here for my drinking for a while, so I thought I would update a bit.

I Mostly don't drink in the evenings anymore, I have a non alcoholic substitute.

The only time I go anywhere near alcohol is if I have a tough time dealing with my STBXH. He hasn't been in contact for at least 3 months now, if not longer. As a consequence life is easier for me and the boys.

I did have a blip not so long ago and that was because he was ignoring his rent debt, which meant I would be liable for half if he didn't pay it.

I decided there and then to pursue an occupancy order and divorce, he has walked all over me for too long.

It will mean that we will move back there but then we can go on the housing list for a bigger house.

It also bugs me that he has no interest in his son, but there is nothing I can do about it, he told me once that he would do anything for his kids and that he loved them. He has an incredibly funny way of showing it. I have sent him 2 emails and have also spoken to him through a friend about him seeing his son and he has not replied to my emails (which I knew he wouldn't) and he has said he doesn't want to have his son desert him like his other kids have and also that he is not getting involved.

I have a feeling that further down the line he will say that it was all my fault and that he is the one that is wounded, just like he did about his ex to me.

I hear so many dad's, mainly, who are fighting to see their children cos the ex is being a wench, and here I am and I can't even get my stbxh to acknowledge that he has a son.

The man irritates me so much. Hear me roar in frustration.
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I hear so many dad's, mainly, who are fighting to see their children cos the ex is being a wench, and here I am and I can't even get my stbxh to acknowledge that he has a son.

That would bother the hell out of me too. Be good to yourself. I hope you can find peace and serenity in your life.
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Hi Greebo

I'm sorry for your troubles. I'm glad you've cut down but I hope ultimately you can find a better way to deal with this than drinking at all

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I can only imagine the pain and frustration you are going through. I am so happy though that you are doing your best on the road to recovery and are there for your son. No child needs negativity in life and the children of a single/divorced mom get the same love and warmth as a home with 2 parents. You may not see it now but it will and does get better my friend.

Please be careful with your "stress" drinking. I drank most of the time because I was upset or stressed and sadly just relapsed. If anything please see a counselor to help you thru this painful time and dump the booze. It can be such a sneaky beast and give you the impression you can control it.

Huggs and all the best. Keep on your path to recovery.

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