i want to know this friends, small help please

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i want to know this friends, small help please

if a person taking drug now, how many hours later the person will take drug again? lets say the person is cocaine addict
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Hi and Welcome,

No one can possibly know that.

Please contact your dr or ER if you need help.
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About 5 seconds later. That was me and Coke. Start off about 30-40 minutes apart untill it was a constant racking up line after line in the same spot for a few hours untill it all ran out... Ring a dealer to get more or drink enough booze to knock me out.

I didn't have a problem with that as that's the lifestyle I was happy living for a good while. Untill I wanted to give it up more than I wanted to get f*cked up and suffer all of the associate sh*t that comes with it then I carried on. Gave me something to really look forward to. Not worth the negative crap that came with it though so i gave up drink and drugs 9 months ago.
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This is impossible to answer. Everyone is different, although when I did cocaine, I wanted to keep doing it until I ended up cutting open the bags and licking the remains out of the bottom like some starving animal. Seriously dangerous drug. Be careful.
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As much as soon and as often as possible, while I was using. Seconds. Please seek medical assistance if you're concerned about your well being.
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