TOPIC: Counting Blessings Not Troubles

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Thumbs up TOPIC: Counting Blessings Not Troubles

Hi Im Sharon and im an Alcoholic.

By the grace of my HP and people
like you here in SR I havent found
it necessary to pick up a drink of
"POISON" since 8-11-90.

For that and you I am truely

Hey, have you been having fun
in recovery or sobriety today?

I am and i'd hope you are too
just as long as we dont drink
today then we'll have hope for
tomorrow. Right?

When I walked into my friendly
atmospheric AA meeting Monday
I knew I was where I belonged.

It's a place where people
like I think and feel as I do.

Here is a place with under-
standing that I'd been searching
for all my life. . .

With those doors opening up
to people like us each time,
you and I are able to stay
sober one day at a time --
because I am an alcoholic.

What and awesome blessing.
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Very nice.
I am in that mode of counting my troubles and not the true important blessings in my life.
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Hi Sharon!

CONGRATULATIONS! You are one of the success stories that I always love to hear! So am I. Sometimes I get to "wanting" more and more things, but truth be told, I have so much already! Just being alive and sober today is a blessing. At one time, I wasn't sure how much longer I was going to be around. I definitely wasn't crazy about being here on earth. I felt that life was a "sentence". It was painful from the get-go and I certainly wasn't making it much better by adding alcohol (and drugs). Like getting rid of a headache by beating myself with a hammer! (stupid)

Now, I have a beautiful daughter, and a nice truck and an awesome motorcycle, and a great job. Yeah, sure I would like to have the perfect "family" but that (apparently) is not God's intention. I am happy to have what I have. I sure as hell didn't EARN it!
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Psalm 118:24
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the blessings keep multiplying too
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Thumbs up

I was restless, irritable and
discontent seemingly all my
life. Nothing seemed to satisfy
me or make me happy no matter
what I had.

Sure i had all the normal
material things, a 25 yr
marriage with awesome
talented kids whom r
now grown. Little part
time jobs to keep me busy.

But something was still

Sure i stayed close to my
program and continued
to ask for guidance and

Then changes came once
again and i relocated back
to my hometown, divorced
and remarried.

When i finally became totally
honest in all my affairs then
and only then was i set free.

Today, I am happy and free but.....

Im once again going thru another
change. The only thing im not
sure is is what is going to happen.

Until then, my meetings and
support is not far away.

Remembering where I can
from and how far ive come
helps me remain grateful.

Ill keep coming back. Hope
you will too.
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I try to always remember to count them when I talk with God. I know I did last night.
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I have continued blessings for this
wonderful day spent with my spouse
and riding our Harley Road King.

I cut my ties with the bakery I was
working at because they screwed
with my time and my husband and
I didnt like it.

They wanted to take away my free
Saturdays which was the only day
off my husband and I had together.

Even tho im off everyday, my husband
and I now have weekends off together.

We spent the day riding together and
just enjoying the day.

I mentioned to my spouse as we
drove thru my hometown of West
Baton Rouge that if only my family
could see me now.

My parents have no idea that I
am that close to them. And even
tho we r very much separated due
to misunderstandings, I still love
where i came from. The little town
that i grew up in.

Since i was born in 58 times back
then as i look back were very much
simplier. Sort

I love seeing older homes with
tin awnings. windows were way
higher. Little grocery stores on
the corners. People sat outside.
Kids played with neighborhood
kids. Just the atmospher seemed

Kinda ghettoey like. So different
than that of the city where i lived
in houston for 10 yrs.

Why did i decide to end my 25
yr marriage and stay in Houston....

Well my heart and love for my
roots brought me back home to
Baton Rouge.

If my family only understood how
grateful i am to be back home
and loving life to the uptmost.
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Hi Sharon,

Good for you for getting through another change in your life, and for standing up for what you wanted and needed. That's great!

I hope you and your husband enjoy your time together!
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Thanks Anna. Your words are
very kind and appreciated.

Hoping all is well with you.
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Blessings abound. From the moment I wake up until I go to sleep, the day is full of blessings. It is up to me to recognize and be grateful for them. My wife and I are going on vacation tomorrow to Hot Springs in the morning, for four days. It should be a beautiful drive. The blessings are there; we just have the proper perspective to see them.
Always good to read your posts!
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Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude
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There happens to be an inherent freedom as I stay sober. With this freedom comes a responsibility to nurture it and allow it to grow. Cant exactly put my finger on it...but those things that seemed to be insurmountable in addiction are only now bumps in the road to recovery.

Tho as I further myself in a addiction free life...responsibility comes naturally and freedom is greatly more evident. Tis a blessing for I continue through life with an individualized addiction treatment program.

Blessed be the great many ways out of you are blessed.
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