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Started at 16 - Neverstopped

In a recent visit with my counselor we started talking about addiction; and she asked when I began drinking. The answer was 16...I began tobacco use at the same time. Then she had a quick replay; you've never had to really deal with social situations...your socially still 16. I was so surprised by her comment, it took me several minutes to gather my thoughts.

I thought to myself, damn she is so spot on. I have always looked forward to only those events where alcohol was involved...with very few exceptions. Golf, ball games, romantic dinners and getaways, on and on and on. And if alcohol was not a part of the thought was this is going to be lame and boring (my wife can attest to my bad attitude as such events or gatherings).

I have decided to quit alcohol for many reasons, and I am looking forward to enjoying life without a crutch..without something to "loosen me up" or "help me relax". I am taking my family to see Mickey Mouse next week and I will not touch alcohol...can't wait to wake up each morning ready to go...and remember every second of the experiece.

My life is different now! Oh...and its nice to see the beer belly shrinking..nice side effect.
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Great to have you with us korr1977 you will find a lot of supportive people here. Its great that you didnt drink when you golfed, I usually had twice as many beers as clubs in my bag then there was the 19th hole ;-)

All of the best in your recovery

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I'm socially,emotionally 16 too! actually probably 15. I've got some catching up to do...
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Welcome Korr

What your therapist said may very well be true - it was for me, I think.
But the good news is we can catch up pretty quick on the emotional growth when we want to

Good to have you with us
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Good luck, you sound like someone I know very well
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Hi Korr..glad you're here! This is a great place..hope you stick around for support!

I've been thinking about this lately so I'm really glad you brought it up. I, too, started both around then..actually I was more like 15 as I remember getting Jack D. for my 16th birthday. I know..yikes. Anyway, I'm not sure how that works..I mean there ARE social situations where I don't with family gatherings. So I know I'm capable...but sometimes I look at my kids and don't feel like they could be mine. I'm raising em well..I'm clearly the adult, but then there are many times where I want everyone to go away (to bed at night) so I can have my fun. Can you say 15? So..I that just addiction or is that stunted emotional growth? Would love to hear other's takes on this.

Again..glad you've joined and thanks for an interesting topic!
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Thanks for the warm welcome. Heading off to Orlando with the family. I am so looking forward to the week. I have a whole new outlook on life...thanks again!
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