New to site.

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New to site.

Hi, I am an alcoholic trying to stay sober. I had 4 months sober until this past weekend. I planned my relapse, I do not know why I would do this. I guess I am really sick. I have just 2 days sober. All the bad feelings shakes, depression and anxiety have come back 10 fold. I have been in constant contact with my sponsor and got to several meetings. Been praying to GOD for help. I stopped doing everything that I am supposed to do to maintain my sobriety prior to going up north.
This site has helped me a lot during the last few days.
Thanks for reading this.
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I'm glad you found us.

I do think it gets harder to stop, each time we relapse. I'm glad you are working hard on your recovery.
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Psalm 118:24
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Welcome to the site
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Welcome to the site! Congrats on deciding to stop drinking. Alcoholism is progressive, it will only get worse. Best to stop it before it stops you.
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Thanks for the replies. Dealing with the withdrawals, mainly anxiety. My mind keeps going round and round with what could have or rather what should have happened the other night. Just trying to stay relaxed until my wife gets home. I have hurt her (emotionally) many times with my drinking. I get going and going and wont be able to stop drinking.
Sorry for babbling just waiting for her to get home so she can take me to a meeting.
Thanks again
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Hi dkayvins125 to the site. I understand your situation all too well. I have tried to quit many times on my own & couldnt do it for very long.

I needed to find others to connect with & share, I recently joined AA in my area & so far so good ;-)

All of the best in your recovery

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Glad you're here, Dean! (I knew where you were from before I looked cuz of the "up north"'m from the same area.) Hope you stick around..this is a great place for support.
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Hello again, Dean. I just said welcome to you on another thread, but saw this and wanted to add that it's never just 2 days no more than it's ever just 2 hours. Sometimes it helps to break early sobriety down into hourly increments to make it manageable until we get our footing. It takes what it takes and there's no failure in that.

The only failure is in not trying.

Congrats on your decision to take your life back, no matter how long, or how many times, it takes.
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Welcome Dean
It's good to have you here

I think a lot of us self sabotaged - our lives, bad as they were, were at least familiar, and change is always hard...and scary.

Learn from this and move on - try not to beat yourself up too much - sober time is never wasted - unless you don't learn from it

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..try,try and try..I do!

..we will win this battle...SR ..helps..Oz..
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Welcome Dean!!! You can do this... believe in yourself!!
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Welcome! Glad you are here!
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