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Unhappy Newbie

Well I didn't drink as much as I normally do last night and I started to feel anxious and had trouble sleeping. Is it only going to get worse from here on out? I was told Benadryl can KIND OF act like Xanax, (meaning it was calm me and make me sleepy) should I take some to help me sleep or just push though the pain? My symptoms today are fuzzy head feeling (can't concentrate, just feel like crying and having a panic attack), anxiety, and loss of appetite. Has other people been trough this have any advice? Thanks!
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Hi kkw
Welcome to SR

That all sounds pretty common kinda stuff to me...I always advise people to see a Dr if they're concerned at all about how they feel though, or if they've drunk for a long time. Detox can be tricky for some of us.

I know a lot of people seem to use Benadryl but it's actually an anti allergy medication, not a sleeping aid - I'd ask your doctor for advice if you're having trouble sleeping.

The fact is - this is very early in your sobriety - the first couple of days are always rough...but they do get better.

You'll find a lot of support here - you're not alone

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Glad to have you with us, please see your doctor & be honest about your drinking habits. It can be dangerous to quit suddenly without medical support.

I look forward to having you with us on the road to recovery.

All of the best!

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bona fido dog-lover
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I will add my two cents: see your doctor for help in getting thru withdrawal safely. After you have detoxed do you have a plan for staying sober? Like AA or counseling or something? A long term recovery program can make all the difference in staying sober.
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This is also my first day at being sober..I feel the same way. I tried so hard not to feel these feelings, but when you play with a devil like alcohol its bound to happen. Ive heard of weening yourself off of the sauce but to me its kinda like starting drinking again? I know im rambling and this is my first post, but if you wanna help me talk then im game. This **** hurts and there is no doubt about that! But hey you know what? I have friends that have beat this! They are the happiest in their lives! Thats what i wanna be too.....

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Welcome to both of our new members.... toxing/ withdrawing from alcohol is a serious safe...check with your doctor.

Good to see new members here with us...

Please check out this link for info and some of
our experiences with de toxing
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Welcome and I hope you can get through the first few days.

Benadryl makes me bounce off the ceiling, so I haven't taken it in years.
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Hugs... wlecome to SR. Hang in there you can make it!!!
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Welcome to you TheGeneralSKN

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UPDATE: I actually was able to sleep last night, not sure how. My mind kept running and I somehow fell asleep for 7 hours. Today I have less anxiety and I had an appetite. I also had some energy and I decided to clean the house and did about 4 loads of laundry. So I'm hoping the next days of being sober will continue like this, but you never know. Thanks for all your support, everyone!
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Great for you KK. Keep up the good work!!
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Welcome to Sr , KK and Genaral SKN

Hope you keep posting and tell us how things are going in the upcoming days

Sobriety brings good things !!

New here too
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I posted the following in "The Mens Room" forum, dunno if you're a man or not so I'm pasting it here for you, maybe it helps a bit..

One of the scariest things about coming off grog was this: How will I ever sleep?
Sound familiar? Even the times when I really wanted to give up grog were spoiled and wasted because I just had to have a couple to get me off to sleep otherwise Iíd be no good at work the next day. I even justified it saying to myself that if I didnít sleep Iíd be a danger to those around me. It never seemed to matter that I drove a 2 ton truck every morning with a head full of ****, or operated machinery whilst, basically, drunk or supervised crane operators and loaded boats in that state...
Well , I got wise in the end and worked out that being tired would be the lesser of many evils and on the first night I just resigned myself to insomnia. I had two cups of Camomile tea and went out like a light for 6 hours, the best sleep Iíve had in years. And itís been the same since. Bedtime doesnít fill me with the terrors of sleeplessness now that Iím not afraid of it.
I just thought Iíd share that because I know that itís scary and thatís how I got over it, maybe it will help someone else take that first step....? Thanks for looking. Jim
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Welcome to SR general it's nice to see you in the chat!!
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