Well I called and made appt with rehab

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Well I called and made appt with rehab

It was weird- I was like on another planet. My life is really so good (at least by my standards) and I dont know why...Well breaking point, some of you know my daughter is bipolar (19 yrs old) and in and out of oxy's. She denies it, I know what it looks like, pinned pupils slurred speech, you know the deal- been there done that (stupid cliche) many years ago. One of her best friends had a little girl last September, Mother 19, baby died Sunday. Funeral is Wednesday. My daughter is devastated, not to mention her friend. Anyway it makes my problems sound trivial. I still don't know if I can keep my job if I take this time off, but I do know I have good credentials and could get another one. I am so confused......
Love to you all
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I think it's a good move, Dub!

I hope that your daughter can find her way.
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you called rehab for a reason Dub, some part of you really wants are trying to be a good parent, but you have to help yourself first....I am sorry your daughter is ill.

IDK what state you are in but I think it's illegal to fire you for being ill....(Family Leave Act)?...I wish you the best and hope you stay in touch.
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Good for you, my man! I know you can do this. I'll keep your daughter in my thoughts.

Much love,

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I don't know Anna- I guess youre right. I hope so. I am thinking about selling my mansion (yea right- don't believe that) and taking a regular job of 40 hrs. My interactions every day are with artists/musicians that are way into what I used to do. I really don't think that bothers me though. They like drugs, I am addicted to alcohol. I guess things will work out. I have never been what I describe as depressed, but my wife told me today I seem depressed. I usually am ready to run and pump up the Fam. I really don't know where my mind is.
Love to you, and thanks
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I am so glad Dub!! I know you have a better life waiting for you, I just know it. This will be for the best, you'll see.
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I think it's a great move Dub - I'm proud of you
good thoughts for you and your family

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It sounds like you might be shifting in your thinking - in a good way.

Maybe taking a job that is less demanding of your time, might be something to consider. You've said you work a lot more than 40 hours/week. It's good to consider options anyways, Dub.
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Good for you man...

Don't have much to say, really. I really want to see you succeed, and, I think you will.

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Dubya i've Been Rooting For You Man.. i Think You Will Not Regret it!
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Congratulations on taking this very important step! I told you before that you certainly have the will to be sober, looks like you are trying a different way now. Stay strong and keep at it!

Peace, health and happiness to you.
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Glad to hear you have decided to go. What date do you start your rehab Dub?
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Very sorry to hear of your daughter's drug problem. Getting sober and into recovery should help you be able to help her better Dub. You have to help yourself first. "In the event of an emergency, the oxygen mask will drop down....put your mask on FIRST and then assist others."

Also. your doing rehab might be an instance of leading by example for your daughter. Best to you Dub.
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Dub....your daughter needs you to do this. She needs you to lead by example.

My very best to you.
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..Dubs,what ya won't for the mansion??..LOL..

we are in this together,our good friend......

good wishes for the other stuff in your life,i have a similar situation and

this is my grand-son...sheese...neverending...Oz..
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you know- I have always been the 'positive' motivator in my life. I feel like crawling in a hole. Thanks for all of you and your comments. I am in a rut. Have you ever heard the song my friend wrote 'Down in a Hole'. Thats me.
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I hope I'm not risking breaking the rules here about medical advice, but, I can say without a doubt that when I was drinking I was depressed: alcohol is a powerful depressant of the central nervous system as well as having various effects on the brain. Mood swings being one of the first effects...
could be the alcohol that has you feeling down?

About rehab: I have never met anyone who said it wasn't a really good thing for them. And, I've met a lot of people in the rooms who started their sober journey out with rehab.
It sounds like a great idea!
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Well I called and made appt with rehab

at'a boy dub

if you kept going the way you were,

you wouldn't have to of worried about the job...

your alcoholism would have fayad ya!

rooting for you bro!
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We'll be with you on your journey, Dub. Coffeenut is right - it will be a great example for your daughter, to see you fight your addiction.
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Hey Dub! I a have been following your posts and haven't commented before, but I wanted to say that I am proud of you and I wish you well. Rehab is the right decision.

I look forward to your posts when you are out of rehab.
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