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Hi Im Sharon and I am an alcoholic.

By the grace of my HP and people
like you here in SR I havent found
it necessary to pick up a drink of
"POISON" since 8-11-90.

For that and you I am truely

The First One. First drink
definitely has the last say
as to what will happen to
u afterwards. Right?

If we continue to repeat
drinking or using experiences
then it has to force us to
come up with this logical

If we do not take the first
drink or 1st pill then we
never get drunk or stoned.

Instead of planning to
never get drunk or stoned,
or try to limit the number of
drinks or pills....

Then all we have to learned
is to concentrate on only that
1st drink or that 1st pill......

the very first one.

In my experience i could never
have JUST ONE drink. Today
yrs later sober, in my mind, one
drink still would never be enough
to satisfy the cravings i have for

That 1st drink led to another
then another and forvever till
consequences happened. Till
i hurried home at 2am and
ran off the road in possibly
a black out hitting a concrete
culvert sitting on top the ground.

Now why couldnt i have had 1
drink at the club, came home
on time and every thing would
have been hunky

I would have not ended up
in the hospital for 10 days
so messed up.

That one drink led to another
rollercoaster ride crashing
hard and almost ending my life.

Family intervention saved my
life and recieving the tools and
knowledge of my disease in a
28 day rehab along with doing
whatever i needed to do to
stay sober one day at a time
to get me to 19 yrs of many
1 days at a time collected to

It's not the last drink that
will kill u but the first one
of many.
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that's great you've been clean for so long, that is awesome. Great poem!!
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Nice post An alcoholic thinking they can continually just have "one" is trouble waiting to happen. I do not have an off switch & know it.

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One is Too Many For Me and 100 Ain't Enough!
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I needed to hear that just now... thanks
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Great post!!

Sums it up well for me. I will always be an alcoholic untill the day I die in that one drink would never satisfy me and neither would 1000. Only a continous flow would only ever satisfy for a very brief spell. That could never happen as loss of control and blackouts would soon arrive... cue jail, institutions or death and loss of everything else in the process.

Accepting that the only drink you need to stay away from is the first 'one day at a time' was a big turning point for getting to grips with sobriety and how to keep sober.

The compulsion/desire to drink may have been removed but I am always aware that I would be off to oblivion again and drinking upon waking from passout just like before if the first drink was ever taken. I will always be an alcoholic. This needn't be a burden but a blessing in some ways providing I stay away from the first drink at all costs.

I think knowing that really helps keep me grounded and I have heard it shared a lot in AA meetings that when complacency around the first drink starts to set in, then that's where trouble often starts.

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everything is already ok
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The first drink or drug starts the cycle all over again but its not the last say. Recovery is always possible if we put down the drugs/drink and find a way to leave them down
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First the man takes a drink
Then the drink takes a drink
Then the drink takes the man

~Japanese Proverb

I know that many might know of this. Just posted it for those that do not. I have it stationed in the front of my head's toolbox to remind me where that first drink will lead.
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