Not sure if I have posted before

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Not sure if I have posted before

I have been a member for a long time but seldom come here and I am not sure if I have posted before. I need a support group but feel a little overwhelmed navigating the forums. I really would like to have a live group to get involved with but moved states 2 years ago and have never found a group in my new location. How do the online meetings work?

I struggled to quit alcohol from about 28-33. I was a daily drinker and a binge drinker. On May 1st 2008, I quit for good and am coming up on my 2 year anniversary. I never thought that I would be saying that.

I feel like recovery is something that one must always be engaged and involved in. A couple days ago, I almost had a drink but stopped myself. This incident made me realize that I need to be way more engaged in my recovery. I am looking for tools, support. How do I use this site? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Welcome back Gardner and congratulations on your impending anniversary date.

You can go into chat and talk with members whenever you see someone in there. I have never gone in myself because I get interrupted a lot while I'm on the computer and so there you have it.

You can post anywhere on the forum you feel comfortable posting on. I'm always in the Gratitude section, No Quit, and this area of newcomers. The newcomers have questions and they keep me sober and honest.

I like SR also because I can go back to my first few posts and remember how bad I was. That keeps me real and I then can't be fooled into thinking it wasn't so bad.

Befriend people around here that you connect with and then you have some one on one when you need it. Lots of options!

Good for you for reaching out and taking action before something happens.
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Hi and Welcome,

I use this site to connect with people who understand addiction. It's been my lifeline for years.

And, you're right, we need to always work on our recovery.
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I find that coming here and posting my 'moments of weakness' gives me the strength to stay sober. Also coming here to greet newcomers and share my experience strength and hope also helps me to stay sober. Just reading of the struggles of newcomers makes me more determined to stay sober.

Read our stories and post your questions and frustration.

Good job on your two years sober!
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Are you looking for online AA meetings or some other recovery program . . . ?

I can relate to having some sober time and then getting that urge to drink. I quit on my own several years ago. Managed to stay sober for over a year and then one day, out of the blue, I'm sitting on my back porch and a six-pack of beer just pops into my head and seems like a great idea. I wasn't upset about anything, nothing tragic had happened, the thought just came and I figured since I'd been dry for so long that I was cured . . . long story short, I was most definitely NOT cured, and my drinking took off and took me to places I never thought I'd go. I eventually got sober in AA. The steps, fellowship, sponsoring, and service work keep me engaged in recovery. I've found that reaching out to sober people here on SR is also beneficial.
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Great to see that you decided to post. You can find AA meetings on this site Alcoholics Anonymous : How to Find A.A. Meetings

Good luck on your recovery
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Hi Gardner
Congratulations on your 2 years

Check out the chat forum for details of scheduled meetings, but you can go in and chat anytime.
Chat Meetings and Chat Discussions - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

What we offer is not the same as online AA meetings tho - you would have to google that.

NB's link is a good one - there's 'real life' meetings pretty much anywhere.

Good to have you with us
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Glad you remembered where we are....
Well done on your sober years.

You may stay here in the Newcomers Forum as
long as you wish. Lot's of SR members regularly
check for new shares

Please keep will get replies.
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Sorry I missed the bit about using the site Gardner
Like Carol says you can stay in this Forum as long as you like.

We also have an alcoholism and substance abuse forums, with 12 step sub forums for each; and friends and family fact forums for a wide variety of other recovery related areas. You already know about the chat room.

Best thing to do is to just take a look around.

The only place you can't post is in the Men's Room LOL.
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Thank you for all the replies. It feels good to find some support again! I have been reading threads here and there and it feels wonderful to be reminded why I don't drink. I also quit smoking in October 2008 and there are STILL moments where I crave cigarettes. Some days I just have to repeat to myself "I know where just one leads. I don't want to be a smoker because I don't want my daughter to be a smoker." After imagining my daughter becoming addicted to cigarettes, I get through the cravings. However, I never would have guessed that nearly 2 years later, I would still crave cigs on occaison. That is how insidious the addiction is!

I will take all your suggestions to heart and learn to get around this site. Thank you for the replies. It means a lot to come here, post, and have people listen.
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