Dying for a drink

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Dying for a drink

I just got home from work, a time I would normally have a few drinks. I don't know what to do with myself! My mind keeps coming back to beer. I used to smoke years ago, but know I wonder if having a cigarette would help with the urges. Any ideas?
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The cravings don't last forever. Occupy yourself with something else for a while. Take a walk. Clean a cupboard. Drink some tea.

I too was often 'dying for a drink' until I realized that if I drank I would indeed be "dying" for a drink as it will kill me if I keep it up.
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When I first quit drinking and felt a craving...I usually ate something and the craving would go away. Maybe come up with something else that you like to do when you get home from work...and try making that a new habit, instead of a few beers. And if you have not already done so...remove all beers from your home so it's not so easy to just reach for one. Good that you posted here instead of reaching for a brew. Cravings do go away. Do something else, anything until it passes. Call someone...walk the dog...exercise...or eat something. If the beer helped you to relax after work...take a warm bath and have some decaf tea.
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Hi Luthin and welcome to another New Hampshire-ite (is that a word??)

You've found a great resource here at SR. Visit often, post often and you'll find it helps alot.

Someone else (I think it was Carol) mentioned that there are several triggers that most of have the can kick off our cravings/urges. Called H.A.L.T. Hunger, Anger, Loneliness, Tired. I'd add Boredom to that list. When you get your cravings, take a look at that list, see if any apply to your situation and then deal with trigger. Alot of times that will get you through your cravings.

Anyway, welcome and stay strong!
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Welcome to SR!

In those early days....staying sober can be a moment by moment thing. For 'just right now' don't drink. Just for NOW. Don't think about tomorrow or next week.

For Right Now, don't drink. And...stick close to SR.
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The early evening was my time to start drinking too.

When I started recovery, I began to walk, a lot. It helped in every way possible. It got me out of the house, made me feel so much better physically, helped to connect me with my neighborhood, helped with my spiritual connection. I also found that when I walked with my husband, it was a great opportunity to talk.
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I never died because I didn't drink But I sure came close to it when I was!!
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Luthin, I've got a sort of bias about smoking, since I want to quit and want that for other people. I don't think you should go back to something that you gave up years ago. When it comes to ways to alleviate the urges for the alcohol, then I have to wonder whether a doctor can be helpful for you. I have not used any medications, but everyone has different needs. If that is out of the question, then I would use something else (tea is one of the things I leaned on a lot, it was obvious to me that it was a way to divert attention away from alcohol for some reason...maybe because I think tea and cigarettes were the first things I should never have started drug-wise). It's also natural to want sweets and otherwise fill your face while quitting. You just have to watch out there too! The physical activity is probably the best thing, as well as finding whatever you need to keep your mind occupied by other things instead of alcohol. Some people get into physical improvement and working out. If you are mechanically inclined, you can find something you can take apart and put put back together. Do you have a garage you can tidy up or overhaul? Something outdoors need shaping up? That kind of thing. Whatever it is, we need to bond with an activity that produces an acceptable if not preferrable result.
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Hey Luthin,

We are here rootin for ya, hope the urge will get better soon!
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There's lots of great suggestions
sober folks will pass on to you.
Just like they did to me.

I was dieing when I drank. It
was a slow death and i had no
idea till my family stepped in
doing for me what i couldnt do
for myself. To get me the help
i so desperatedly needed.

I find suggestions the best to
follow than those who told me
what to do in a stern demanding

If u suggested to me upteenth
time im sure i would follow and
surely i eventually did.

Change isnt easy and change u
never have to do alone.

Changing people, places and
things with alcohol or drugs
that was a part of is a must
if u want to stay clean and
sober in early recovery.

Take those small infant steps
right now as it was suggested
to me....i had to crawl in recovery
before i could walk.

Build a strong solid foundation
in recovery so as yrs pass u will
stand strong against any and
all obsticals that come ur way
to blow u down.

Look at the many before u that
have stayed sober for a many
one days at a time just by follow-
ing the steps and principles set
down before us in our program.

If it works for them and me then
so it will for u.

Happy Sober/Clean journey to
each of you.
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Smoking would be a bad thing to do to your lungs...
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Sometimes, sobriety is not just one-day-at-a-time, but one hour or 30 minutes at a time. It's about learning new behaviors and making changes to old patterns and habits like you described. It doesn't seem like it at first, but it does get easier.

What worked for me is picking up the phone and calling a [sober] friend who I would "talk the drink urge through" with. (Same as you posting here - typing out loud about how you feel, which is great).

I did attend AA in early sobriety and think it's valuable for meeting people who we share something with and who we can talk to face2face or over the phone when cravings strike - some people are available 24/7 too.

What also worked for me was drinking something cold like iced-tea, juice or sugar-free soda - just having it with me eased some of the craving. I'd also read books about alcoholism - that was helpful in keeping my focus on the negative aspects of drinking. When all else failed, I went to bed and slept.

The cravings will pass. It might've also been Carol who said she timed her cravings as lasting for 4-7 minutes at one time. ? I think it was Carol.

It's all about progress - you're doing great.
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(Luthin & Emmy - love N.H. Visited White Mts. many times. So glad that you both are here).

I know it's hard, Luthin - I caved many times before I finally learned to ride out the cravings. As was already mentioned, they only last a few minutes. I just distracted myself with anything I could think of. Music, a movie or tv, a book, a walk, call a friend -just plunge yourself into something/anything - & re-direct your thoughts.

It's healthy to come here and talk it out, too - of course! You're among friends who have all been there. Keep on going, you're doing great. The cravings are almost non-existent for me now - never thought that could happen.
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Some great advice here Luthin - hope you feel a little better now.
Those early days and early cravings are rough - but I found it gets easier to deal with them

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After I got home from work in my early recovery is grab a diet coke out of the fridge and I still do, not sure why but it helped me. But other things that helped me are..

(1) Read everything you can get your hands on about alcoholism, knowledge help me stay sober.

(2) Challenge the thought that drives the urge.Stop it, analyze the error in it, and replace it. Like: "It could't hurt to have one drink. WAIT a minute what am I thinking? One could hurt, as I've seen ' just one' lead to lots more. I am sticking with my choice not to drink.

(3) Believe and follow the one-day-at-a-time advice.

Luthin, All I can tell you that it gets easier with time, I was in your shoes I know what those feeling are hang in there!! I was a 30 year drinker and now I have a little over 1 year sober.. and I never thought my life could be this good!!

Keep Strong!!!! Keep Posting!!!
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Hope you made it through. Just think every time one of those nasty cravings hit and you get past it you become stronger. Eventually they will come and you will them goodbye knowing they will pass in a few minutes.

Good for you reaching out though and you certainly got some great advice.
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As others have said.....take a healthy positive action.

You could begin a journal with the reasons you are quitting.
I did that early in sobriety .it was a positive reenforcement
to continue my new goal....

As long as you don't re start the drinking....the physical urge
and mental obcession will calm down. That is my experience.

Glad to know you are heading into a healthier sober future.
Congratulations on a wise decision...
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How are you doing Luthin?
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Thanks for all the suggestions and support everyone. I made it through without having a drop of alcohol! And stayed clear if smoking too.
Thanks everyone.
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Originally Posted by Luthin View Post
Thanks for all the suggestions and support everyone. I made it through without having a drop of alcohol! And stayed clear if smoking too.
Thanks everyone.
You sooo rock!!!!!!!
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