7 months today...woohoo

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7 months today...woohoo

i have 7 months sober today and i can't begin to describe how good it feels.

simple things like eating breakfast and not feeling miserable coming to work.

paying my bills on time. having my paychecks last for 2 weeks now.

i could list hundreds of little things that are better.

key point though for any newcomer reading this. i am not anyone special. i'm still addicted to tobacco so my addictive personality has not gone away.

7 months ago i was coming off a holiday weekend where i stayed absolutely trashed every day. i was purely toxic. no kidding. the withdrawals were hell. the longest stretch i ever had before was 100 days and i was stupid enough to think i could drink normal.

for you newcomers....i know it sucks right now but trust me when i say i was you 212 days ago. raw. sick. hating myself.

i quit through this website. i don't post much anymore but i feel that this site was there for me and the least i can do is come back on my milestones and try to encourage you. we have regulars on here that encourage every day and i thank them from the bottom of my heart for being there for me.

i hope anyone that comes to this site will achieve what they want. thanks to all that were here for me.

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Nice one on 7 months sober!!!

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Seven months sober! Way to go! :ghug3
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Congratulations David on 7 well earned sober months. Thanks for taking the time to encourage people also. I really felt your honesty in that post. Awesome!
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Thanks for the update.
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congrats on 7 months that's awesome!!
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Well done on 7 months
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Congratulations AFM

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Nice one - well done - good to hear about it, thanks.

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Congrats on 7 months AFM,

You are so right about this site, I truly believe the support I find here has saved my life.

Keep Strong!!
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Good for you!
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Congratulations on your sober time....and I sure do hope you post more. We all learn from each other!

Again, Congrats!
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7 months - what an awesome achievement - congratulations!

Loved your heartfelt post that we do and can recover. I'm so happy for you.

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