101 Days Of Sober Time = Awesome!

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101 Days Of Sober Time = Awesome!

Hey everyone!

Today is my 101st day sober! I wanted to post at 90 days but, wouldn't you know it, when you find some sober time, you find all these pieces of your life that have been somewhat neglected rush up to the surface and demand you attention. I have been sorting out all the moving parts over the last 3 months, and especially during the last month. I have had less time to post in the last few weeks but I have been stopping by and checking in and love reading everyone's posts.

In brief, I just want to express my gratitude to everyone who participates on this forum. You have become my teachers, my reference points, my companions in this journey back to where I came from, and I just wanted to say: thank you.

To those reading this forum but have not yet taken the plunge, I say: join us! You have nothing to lose a world of freedom to win! This forum has helped me do it. It can help you too.

Life sober is so many millions of time better than life not sober that I don't think there are words in English that could even come close to describing it. I am looking forward to turning over the next odometer in my sobriety. I am going to enjoy the next 899 days of my life, because I am going to HAVE a next 899 days of my life!

Rock on!
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Awesome post! A huge congrats on your 101 days!

I do think after that 90 day mark, things just start clicking a little easier. Good for you!
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Congrats, Lineman! That's a heck of a milestone! I'm just a week behind you....don't let me catch up, bro

Keep on keeping on....
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rock on indeed!

great going - congratulations again

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Nice one on 101 days sober!!!
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Excellent milestone, Wichita, and safe journey for the next 899!

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Congratulations! Way to go.
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Great job! Crossing that 100 day mark must feel fantastic. Hopefully soon I'll know that feeling, thanks to people like you who show that it can be done, the others here who so willingly and selflessly share of themselves, and the program I am working in AA. Not sure what methods or program you used to get to the Big 100, but whatever it is, it worked! Congratulations and I hope you have an awesome day!
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Congrats on your increasing sober time!
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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
rock on indeed!

great going - congratulations again

Hey.. i Want a Headbanger One Too! Congrats..
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Congraduations on 101 days!!!!!
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Congratulations to you and thank YOU for such a fabulous and encouraging post. Keep on keeping on.
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