When do the alcohal cravings go away?

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When do the alcohal cravings go away?

I am only six days sober.. I find that there are a couple of times during the day when I find myself trying to bargain with myself to go get a drink or get a bottle of wine. I fight thru it... but it can return at anytime several times a day. When does that go away? or is it something I will always have to fight? or does it get easier?
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Hi Sobertime

I can't remember the last time I had a craving, so I guess they do go away.

They do last a little longer than 6 days though
I remember the first 60 days are the worst.

Think about it...if you're like me, you've been drinking for years - it's going to take a little longer than a week to retrain yourself and readjust - but you do.

It's not like we have to deal with that level of distress forever - I suspect very few people would still be here if that was the case.

I can't find the posts now but Carol has some great how to deal with cravings info...they don't last forever and you can get through them...I used to distract myself...walk, clean up, talk to someone, watch a funny movie, eat something....

whatever it takes...

Each time you negotiate them, it'll get a little easier next time STFM

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Yes, it will get easier and there is no set time for cravings to go away.

For me, it was a kind of slow process which I think took a couple of months.
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It does get easier with time. Stay in today and take good care of yourself. It will get better.
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Yeah.....I couldn't put a date on it, I just remember a gradual feeling of strength and peace...and I didn't crave a drink. Like others have said, the first couple of months are the toughest.

Yes, it does get easier. Sometimes I still can't believe how happy, truly happy I am sober.
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