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Matty, I am so, so proud of you!

You are doing what I never had the insight or the courage to do when I was your age. I was living in a world of depression/anxiety and couldn't/wouldn't seek help for myself. I am SO glad that you are working through this.

And, yes, it's hard looking back at the stuff that led us to addiction, because it's often a long, tangled mess. But, you can do it. You have support here from your friends and from your dr.

Something I have found Matt, is that when I have been at my lowest ebb in recovery, there is a beautiful breakthrough. I think that's where you're heading.
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Just found this thread, i know we spoke briefly about this yesterday but u made it out to be no big deal. Wanted you to know that I'll be on later tonight if you wanna talk more(promise I won't chew your ear off about a certian girl hehe). Love ya man keep ya head up ~~Scott
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I am so sorry to read you are going through this Matt, BUT I do think you are handling it by reaching out here and more importantly, reaching out to your counselor. I can only add my prayers that you discover what is holding you down and find a way to release it. Our past really can be an enemy at times. I am a firm believer in that. As far as you having a problem with alcohol or not as she brought up, that's something you have to decide Matt.

I agree with Dee that a lot of us started drinking to not cope with something or some things that life had thrown our way. Some of it is physical pain, depression, anger over something . . . The list can go on and PLEASE don't think I am belittling your emotions now because I'm not. I am trying to say, very ungracefully, that drinking became a problem because it was our answer to a problem or problems.

When I first became sober I was so overcome with issues that I hadn't been dealing with and had pushed so far back, but come they did. They are still surfacing to some extent and I believe I may behind you in the sobriety department, but we do have things in common my friend.

You may not feel it, but you are strong Matt and you will push through this. I know it and I believe it strongly. Hugs - Sarah xxx
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