Happy Birthday IO Storm

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Happy Birthday IO Storm

Happy Birthday Sis!

and wishing you many more to come...

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Happy Birthday Sher
may this year be the best yet!


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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Wishing you Birthday Happiness to last throughout the year! 7
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Happy Birthday! I hope you got some nice cake! I love cake!


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Happy birthday
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IO Storm
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Thanks so much everyone! Sorry I'm checking in a little late...had a Rock 'N' Roll berfday
here in So Cal...a little stressful. Our little house fell down a bit, but we are it has been a good birthday...after all. A loving Higher power has been with us through the whole shebang. Heck this is sure nice to see tonite. Special thanks to my soul bro' Rusty.
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Prayers for your family, Sher - and I hope you had a nice birthday in spite of the quake.
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Coming in late for the cake, but my wishes are sincere...Happy Birthday Sher!!!

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Belated birthday wishes and prayers that your insurance kicks in and takes care of everything Sherry. Hugs - Sarah
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:day1 to my dear friend Sher! May this be your best year yet!
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I'm glad you got through the earthquakes!
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you posted Sher's birthday wishes too late for us old people to comment
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Happy Birthday!
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IO Storm
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Thanks again everyone!!!!! You all are the bestest!

Warmest of hugs from me to you.
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((IO)) - I am really late, but my belated Happy Birthday wishes to you, and prayers for the coming year to be as special as you are!!

Hugs and prayers!!

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