Trying to start over...

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Trying to start over...

I'm trying to reprogram myself after 8 years of daily drinking. I drink upwards of 12 beers a day and for a hobby I make beer. My world has revolved around it for too long.

And now I don't know what to do with myself. So here I am.
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Welcome to SR! Do you have a plan for staying sober? I use SR a lot for positive reinforcement and I also see an addiction counselor once a week.
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FailPolish welcome to SR, have you been to see your Dr. & told the entire truth about your drinking? A very good idea, if you follow the Dr.'s advice. See a therapist and consider giving AA or another long term recovery program an honest try. Know that you are not alone in this, you have the fine folks her at SR & if you choose the ones in AA as well to walk with you & support you along the way.
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No one seems to take me seriously when I tell them I'm an alcoholic because I still do everything like sober people. I tried to talk to my doctor who just said I was depressed and prescribed me zoloft.
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If you Dr. says you are simply depressed & prescribed you Zoloft I would suggest finding a Dr. who is up to date on alcoholism & drug addicition.

In the mean time why not start not drinking one day at a time & working a long term recovery program.

Normally when a Dr. diagnosis a person to be an alcoholic it is when there are physical sypmptoms like cirrosis of the liver or the like, unless they are current on alcoholism and the alcoholic tells them the WHOLE truth about thier drinking.

If you have decideded you are an alcoholic then you are!!!! That & it is time to find a way to stop drinking & stay stopped.
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Welcome to SR. Lot of good info on these boards.
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Welcome! This is a great place to post and you'll find a lot of support.

I used outpatient therapy for the first 4 months and I'm also a member of AA. I highly recommend finding some sort of long term, face-to-face recovery group.

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Hi failpolish..i know what you mean like no one takes me serious that im an can hold down a job an never drink daytime..well excluding weekends that is..hmm.. but yeah there is definently a stereotypical alkie that so many here do not fit in order to be an alkie many or most have to work, to earn a livin to buy the damn stuff...:wtf2
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The bottom line is that you know yourself that drinking is a problem and that's what matters. You have come to the right place for supp[ort.
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I agree with Anna failpolish.
You know it's a problem - this is a great place for support


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