Wow,,,16 days in and I never knew

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Wow,,,16 days in and I never knew

that life could be so less complicated with a clear head,,,this is the longest clean spell I have been in 14 years, I havent had even one thought of drinking, I pray that this really was the last time. It really scared me with the withdrawals 2 weeks ago.
Reading the new posts and seeing where I was only 2 weeks ago makes me realize I dont want to have to start over anymore.

New people I see asking if this(SR) is the right place for you,,, Im sure Im one of hundreds that can say wholeheartedfly ,,YES you are in the right place, with good company.

God Bless to all, hope everyone had a sober Easter.
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Nice one Swlatiger! Glad you had a sober easter and can appreciate it.

This is a good place. We need never drink again, eh? I love that.


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Life is SO much better sober! Congrats on your sober time! A great start to a better life.
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Good for you!
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It really is awesome to feel this great, isn't it?!

Congrats on your sober life!
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Well done dude, keep it up. I'm only on day one
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Originally Posted by Acorn View Post
Well done dude, keep it up. I'm only on day one
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Welcome our stories are alike.many here are .
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2 beers in the freezer

I have family down from Tennessee My sister in laws boyfriend had came but spent most his time with his family and friends .He decided to stay longer so she went back early he stayed with his brother anyway I guess he forgot or something or didnt no i quit but he called and said I left two beers in the freezer he left his beer HE SAID i COULD HAVE IT .I told him man I dont drink any more he said he was sorry he would stop by and get them but it felt good to say i sorta feel proud of myself
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way to go swlatiger
(and you too Scamy)

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Glad you are continueing to move forward
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Awesome post, Swlatiger! Recalling my detox has kept me from picking up more than once - that, and a program of recovery, make me never want to go back to where I was.

Way to go! You too Scamy - woo hoo! You should be proud!
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