A new day 1

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A new day 1

Well im giving sobriety another go. I did well last year but fell to a very aggressive temptation to drink in january having being 7 months sober. Im not beating myself up at all but i am acknowledging the danger of thinking I have control of drink, which I have none at all.
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Welcome back, eddie! Hope it works for you this time, but 7 months is great work. You did it before; you can do it again. How were you able to stay sober the first time? Did you use any type of program?

You said, "[I] am acknowledging the danger of thinking I have control of drink, which I have none at all." That's pretty much the first of the 12 steps: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol." I had trouble with that one for a long time. The second half of the first step - "that our lives had become unmanageable" - I believe was easier for me to grasp. Anyone who looked at my life (including my fiancee, who not only looked at but lived with it) could see it was unmanageable. I just thought I was a crazy person or something because I could admit that I had no power over alcohol.

Many blessings on you this time around!
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I wondered how you were. Eddie.
I'm sorry you decided to drink again, but I'm glad you made it back here.

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hello eddie,im sure glad to see you back.
i am powerless over alcohol too,and my life is unmanagable because i cant drink/cant not drink.not because of loss of jobs or debts etc.
but things are good today,i have a new power and a new life,given to me by following the 12 steps of AA.i hope you are willing to give this a go eddie.
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Welcome back! I'm glad you decided to give it another shot.
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Many thanks for your kind comments and real support. It does mean more than just printed text on a forum!

Just poured the last drop of booze down the sink and am off to the bottle bank.
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Good to 'see' you again Eddie.
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