Recovery Newsflash...Please Read!

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Congrats Dee, Huge Accomplishment!!
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Congratulations Aunt Dee!

three years, how awesome is that...

i remember what a train wreck you were when first coming aboard...

aunt tillie told me that you've grown a tad...

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Awesome work! Congratulations
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Congrats Dee... I cant say if i am late for the party or not as i dont know what time it is there seeing as my time zone clock has gone haywire... maybe cos its his birfday...

Have a great time and weekend

Hope the easter bunny is good to you and brings plenty of chocolate
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Way to go! Congratulations!
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Nice one on 3 years sober!

peace Out.
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Thanks to all you guys

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WOnderful! Have a serene celebration!!!!!!
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Yah Dee!!!! (((((Hugs))))) :day6

Awesome Congratulations on your Happy Birthday!!!! You are a super awesome part of this wonderful Forum!!

Love Pancake xo
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Awwwww, are the BEST EVER!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on your birthday, but particularly congratulations on being an incredibly fabulous, sensitive, caring, thoughtful, humble, insightful, honest, intelligent human being.
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everything is already ok
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Congrats Dee, three years is amazing and a shining example to all of us especially those coming through tehe door hopeless and desperate.

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Nice one Dee...
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when ever i'm pick me up...

..time n time again,for all of us......oz..
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Thriving sober since 12/18/08
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You're an inspiration for so many, Dee.. and a true natural 'guide' for us here. We are all so very lucky to know you and benefit from your wisdom, friendship, diplomacy and support. Whatever you do to celebrate, or not celebrate, I hope it's wonderful.
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Looking For Myself...Sober
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I say it all the time. I remember when you first came here. It wasnt too long after me. I thought you were a woman for a long time..LOL Dee is what we call my cousin Danielle.
You have been such an important part of my recovery. I truly consider youa friend.
You have helped so many here and have always been that gentle kick in the pants I need. Keep doing what you do Dee. I am so happy for you.
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I thought you were a woman for a long time..
I'm taking that as a compliment Trish LOL.

Surprised this is still on page one LOL. Thanks to all of you again - I've been thinking about my journey, as you do at times like these...I've been incredibly lucky - to have the second chance..and then to end up here...and then end up working here....and receive all these kind words.

btw Mrs Dee wants to who you're all talking about LOL.

no, it really is all good.
Thanks again to everyone
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Community Greeter
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Still on page one 'cause you're a Superstar.
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Just the other day I was on here in my funk, debating whether or not to "tell on myself", and I started to message you. I decided to suck it up another day before wanking, but you were the first "ear" that came to mind =). Grats on your sober time dude, you really make a difference to so many people here.

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